Afternoon Ambrosia – Nibble #1

There is nothing quite like shifting into fifth gear on a lonely stretch of highway as the first few groovy notes of “Undun” waft through my car speakers – mmm…a classic, jazzy, Canadian number – “it’s too late, she’s gone too far, she’s lost the sun…”  I have always had a special connection with this song (and the band in general).  Thanks for giving us 40 years of fantastic music guys (glad I downloaded this from Itunes).  Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman (former members) and The Guess Who – you simply can’t get more Canadian than that folks.

Technology.  Wow.  I remember spinning old 45’s on my parent’s record player when I was a kid – some old Johnny Cash recordings (Sun Records), the Dave Clark Five (“Bits and Pieces”), Santana (“Black Magic Woman”)…  There was something special about “finding” these treasures in my grandparent’s basement (and hey, some of these gems weren’t even scratched or “warped!’).  Once the thrill of the record player and 8-track waned, there was also something special about FM radio (remember?).  The sound that would cut across the radio waves so clearly – it sounded fantastic compared to the static AM stations.  Every cool kid carried a transistor – and if you were lucky, you even had one of those fan-dangled “Walkmans”. 

Now I’m listening to all of my favourite “classics” (you know, the vinyl and 8-track specials) on my iPod.  How weird is that?  Just plug in your USB into a laptop and download your favourite “oldies”…  Thankfully, the digital renditions of these songs are almost as good or superior to the original recordings (thank you digital remastering).  However, the purist in me doesn’t mind the slight crackling sound that accompanies some songs (ah, the vinyl static).  Take a good old Billie Holiday record for example.  “I’ll Be Seeing You” is a much more poignant (and intimate) piece on vinyl.

So what do you think of my musings so far (I warned you).  These are some of the thoughts that struggle to keep up with me as I cruise along at 120 km/h (oops, did I admit that?!).  Erratic?  Perhaps.  Eclectic.  Yes.  Energetic and evolving?  Absolutely!  Earth shattering?  Doubt it.  Anyways, stay “tuned” for more ramblings from the Mermaid Tavern.  Musical reviews always appreciated.

-Poseidon’s Muse

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