Morning Java at the Tavern – Sip #1

Alright.  [sip].  I can’t help myself this morning.  I absolutely need to discuss something that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago (when I was researching the subject of an upcoming painting).  I seem to have a strange fascination for oddities.  Anyways, here it is.  You might have seen pictures of this creepy little hoax some time ago; they call her the “Fiji Mermaid” (aka “Feejee Mermaid”).  It (I can’t bring myself to say, “she”) is obviously a hoax, but I find one element particularly disturbing (and this is coming from a person with significant medical and biological background mind you).   The body of the trout is fine, but the head and torso?  I can speculate (as many others have) that this half was constructed of some tiny Simian newborn (the face is Hominid, but, thankfully, not human enough to suggest that the body of a child was used to create this oddity).  Apparently, PT Barnum had his own quirky version of this abberation and he had advertised it in his promotional campaign of 1850.  Interesting. Fascinating actually. 

Cryptozoology is a branch of science dedicated to exposing the potential existence of hypothesized creatures.  I prefer to leave the “Fiji Mermaid”, “Jackalope”, and the “Furred Trout” out of this bonafide realm of research.  Anyways, the coelacanth, the giant squid, the mountain gorilla are all perfect examples of elusive creatures that were discovered quite recently by passionate scientists.  Imagine studying and searching for something that you know exists, but doesn’t leave you enough significant evidence (ie. tracks, feces, hair, scales etc.) to prove their existence?  I thought my job was difficult.  

Well.  I need to refill my coffee and prepare for another interesting day.  Thanks for stopping by the Mermaid Tavern.

-Poseidon’s Muse

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