Morning Java at the Tavern – Sip #3

Books are a passion of mine.  Ambrosia for the brain.  You may have gleaned that much from my eclectic musings and references to literary figures.  I have a study full of books; reference, literature, scientific, philosophical, antique – you name it.  Four shelves in my small study are bursting with books.  Many of these volumes suffer a precarious existence; stacked and double-stacked at every haphazard angle.  There is no order to their organization, although there should be.   My librarian seems to be on permanent hiatus with the likely explanation that he is tired of my alphabetical complacency.  By the way, my “librarian” is a small stuffed Pokemon critter that I obtained from one of those dollar “claw” machines a few years ago.  “Poor Pokie dude, so sorry that I can’t please you”, [he gazes upon me from his lofty perch with a disgusted smirk as he surveys the chaos that is my – sorry, “his” library].  Maybe I need to give him a raise.

Although I continue to buy books (thank you Amazon, Chapters-Indigo and Abebooks), the swarming tomes seem to be taking over every opportune horizontal space in my dwelling.  I keep hoping other intellectuals have this problem too.  I would hate to wake up one morning like the neighbourhood cat lady; a pariah to her family and friends with a billion hungry mouths searching for food in a crowded dwelling.  My lazy tomes with their hungry covers, opened and stretched across every tabletop and floor surface, groaning for sustenance and attention.  It’s a good thing that books don’t need to eat.  I imagine that Yeats would enjoy eating chocolate bon bons.  Eliot and Hardy might appreciate more traditional fare; I would have to re-visit my cottage and shepherd’s pie recipes for those little gluttons.  Speaking of which (and this is a note to all “English Pub” owners in this country), Shepherd’s pie contains lamb or mutton, not beef.  Shepherd – sheep, cottage – beef….jeesh……  I digress.  Anyways, I’m sure I would be able to accommodate all of the gastronomic tastes of my starving library, but it would be a full time job.  Imagine all of the chopping, steaming and broiling.  I would need to hire a sous chef.  I could hire one of my wooden ibises for that position.

[sip].  This coffee is rather strong this morning (oh, and I quietly “sip” my coffee by the way – no sound is heard, no “slurping” here, no sireee…..bad manners are appalling).  Wow.  Am I on crack?  Weeeeee…..he he he [smirk, giggle and laugh]….I just finished reading what I wrote – “a stuffed toy for a librarian, hungry literature, a wooden ibis for a sous chef….?”  No.  No drugs here [honestly], just a crazy zest for life and a wicked imagination.  Have you read the Life of Pi yet (Jann Martel)?  Excellent read.  Anyways, I should be getting on with my day.  I have a few other inanimate objects to personify.  Happy happy day! 

-Poseidon’s Muse


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