Evening Ambrosia – Nibble #3

I absolutely love being a woman.  The fashion options are endless – the accessories, the clothes, the shoes.  Spring is definitely the best time of year for fashion in my humble opinion.  Yes.  I went shopping today and spoiled myself with a new skirt, cute silk top and little black dress (like I need another….).  Funny thing.  I was never a “Barbie” fan when I was a little girl.  I climbed trees, played in swamps, made soup out of any available bit of vegetation (and ate it mind you!), rolled down hills in barrels, made mud pies….  The only particularly “girlie” things that I did succumb to – you guessed it – skipping rope and riding horses.  I imagine that the boys found me quite appealing in grade school; they pulled my hair (gently albeit), kicked my chair in class (much to my chagrin because I LOVED school), and chased my friends and I at recess.  I don’t remember being very boy savvy – ever.

It wasn’t until I hit highschool did I realize that those classic signs were stifled attempts at puppy love.  Highschool was a rather annoying part of my existence.  I was labelled “alternative” so I attracted all makes and models of boys – including the “skaters” and outdoorsey types.  It wasn’t until I finished University that I realized I had some feminine potential.  After I finished my first degree, I traded my Gore-tex and fleece wear for cashmere and silk.  I still find it rather ironic that it took me this long to find my feminine side (considering the fact that a few female family members ended up modelling in New York).  Now, years later, I like to think that I strike a nice balance between practicality and beauty.  I guess I have found my style – elegant and simplistic, but flirty and confident.  I don’t mind turning heads, but I don’t let it go to my head either.  I also think I look better at my age now than I did when I was 20 something (and I can’t wait to hit my 40’s and 50’s!).  Apparently, I have alot of Leo in my sign so I need to be careful about not being too much of a show off (whatever that means). 

Anyways, I say, “if it looks good and feels good – go for it”.  You only live once so make the best with what you’ve got (no matter what size or shape).  Not bad for a childhood “swamp queen” huh?!

Love yourself.  You are worth the effort!

-Poseidon’s Muse


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