Indie Monday Music Review – Silversun Pickups

Every once in a while I will do a shameless plug for some of the hard-working Indie bands out there (Re:  the Sing-Sing “shrine of devotion” from a few days ago).  I am a music snob (like some of you out there), meaning that I do not typically listen to top 40, or the radio for that matter.  It’s not that top 40 isn’t particularly good, or that radio stations don’t fill the airways with good sound, it’s just that most commercial radio stations have a tendency to overplay and underplay certain music (or not play some music at all).  I need variety (genre, artists, you-name-it), and I know that I am walking the limb of generalization with my comments here, but that is just my opinion.  So instead of cramming my eardrums with “packaged” radio sounds, I mix up my own blend iTunes and hit the road.  I am a music glutton, but a connoisseur, so the Gigabytes must be particularly delectable if they are to grace my microchips. 

So yesterday, as I was driving to the movie theatre (Shrek III is a blast by the way!), I realized that I had FORGOTTEN MY iPod!!!  I know!  Tragic yes, but serendipitous nonetheless.  Instead of turning around and heading for home (that would be a little too Diva-esque and desperate), I tuned into a local radio station.  Wow!  Was I in for a surprise.  After pressing number 1 on my dash, my ears were seduced by the textured, saucy sound of Silversun Pickups, “Lazy Eye”.  This band is absolutely – you guessed it – marmalade fresh.  Saucy, minty, marmalade fresh, in-fact.  If California had to adopt an anthemic Indie sound, this would be it.  The album, “Carnavas” was released in 2006 (preceded by “Pikul”, their debut).  Fans of Can and My Bloody Valentine will certainly identify with the layered and shimmery sounds of this group.  The mesmerizing and hypnotic vocals of Brian Aubert (guitar) and Nikki Monninger (bass) are the gel for the citrus tang provided by Joe Lester (keyboard) and Christopher Guanlao (drums). 

“Little Lovers So Polite”, “Common Reactor” and “Checkered Floor” are a few of my favourites so far (“Lazy Eye”, is of course, a given addictive sound byte).  The whole recording of the album flows cohesively from song to song, giving it an oceanic quality of epic denominations.  Speaking of oceanic, the group hits the UK stage later this summer (May, June 2007) and will return in the summer to play some shows in the US.  Apparently, the band was already touring in Canada with Snow Patrol (so if this “music snob” had pressed #1 on her dash a little sooner, she would have known that [biting my knuckles…argg…]).  Anyways, I have learned my lesson.  Being a “music snob” is not always a good thing.  Although I am a little late to discover my new LA band crush, I predict a long, amorous love affair with this band.  And besides, who doesn’t enjoy the cooling zip of citrus on a hot summer day?

-Poseidon’s Muse


One response to “Indie Monday Music Review – Silversun Pickups

  1. poseidonsmuse

    Footnote to this post – An overwhelming flock of people are searching for meanings to some of SSP’s lyrics. To the best of my knowledge, I can only vouch for the meaning of “Lazy Eye” – apparently Brian Aubert (vocals and lead guitar) has some ophthalmic (eye) issues, hence the name of the song. Now who knew?

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