My Dharma Initiative – “Lost” Season Finale

Alright.  I might resemble Evangeline Lilly, but my obsession with this show is ridiculous.  Intimidating smokey monsters and tropical polar bears aside, I am counting down the hours to the season finale of “Lost”.  I have literally been keeping myself from visiting the “Spoiler” websites out there (you know who you are…) so I can actually be surprised by the ending.  Will Charlie, after popping Desmond in the head with a catamaran oar, find out who the gals in the “Looking Glass” are?  Will Locke return from the pit of the original Dharma dead to avenge his attempted killing by “Bug-eye” Benjamin?  I think Benjamin is rather cute by the way (despite his prominent ophthalmia).  It will certainly be interesting to see how Locke will fair against Benjamin’s imposed island regime now that he found his shiny new anima (I like the tougher, bolder, stronger Locke…there’s something sexy about a confident bald man….anyways, I digress).  I still don’t know about the whole pregnant mother thing – it tears me to bits to think that Sun may not survive her (and Jin’s) pregnancy on the island.  Speaking of which, how will our heroes defend their beach camp from the “Others” when they come to claim the pregnant ladies (and kill the men that get in their way)?  Ugh.  2 hrs and counting…I don’t know if I can contain myself.  Sawyer or Jack [dreamy sigh….]?  That’s a difficult question Kate…I’ve always been a sucker for blondes.  But perhaps we shouldn’t kiss and tell!  Seriously.

Until Tomorrow (the Lost discussion will be GOOD – marmalade good),

-Poseidon’s Muse

2 responses to “My Dharma Initiative – “Lost” Season Finale

  1. Enjoyed your post. I’d bet you’d enjoy reading what the Network TV Slut had to say pre-finale on One Sorry Blog.

  2. poseidonsmuse

    OSB – Thanks for your words. I did check out NTV’s site (thanks for that, by the way). Some very good points for us Lostaholics (love that nym). I would have to disagree with her on a couple things though Re: the Hurley bits – I don’t find his story boring, nor do I want Charlie to die (he has really grown on me) – perhaps my change of heart is due to his recent display of courage. Now the question that remains, however, is “who” or “what” is in that casket back on the Mainland? Hmmm…

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