Are You Citrus Enough?

I have already established my addiction for marmalade.  I use the word rather unabashedly to describe delectable things like yummy literature, art, music and fashion.  “Why marmalade?” you might ask.  Marmalade is chocolate in a polka-dot bikini.  Classic, but tasteful and always appropriate.  There is nothing shameful or old-fashioned about marmalade.  You can slather this golden nectar onto toast and a meagre breakfast is transformed into something angelic.  Seville is particularly divine.  This particular pectin is worthy of the gods.  Within the silky texture of this heavenly bliss, therein lies a perfect interfusion of sweet, tangy and bitter elements.  The perfect nuptial of citrus notes, if properly consummated, should leave the connoiseur’s taste buds lingering with acerbic anticipation for the next delectable dose.  Mmmm…  Citrus ambrosia in a bottle.  That’s why [wink].



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