Dharma-Chameleon – “Lost” Season Finale

What an episode (thanks producers of “Lost”)!  Wow, they truly delivered the goods last night.  So, I was thinking, Charlie can’t really be dead, can he?  I thought to myself, “surely, that hatch has to be large enough for him to squeak his teeny body out of that closed cockpit in the Looking Glass.”  And is Mikhail part feline?  Does that guy have 9 lives or what?  I mean, the big electrical fence shock should have killed him a few episodes back – and now, now he’s going to end up surviving an underwater grenade blast too?.  Jack was a mess on the Mainland.  I love how they wove that bit in there (took me a few minutes to catch on that they were describing the future – post island).  I have a pretty good idea of who is in the casket too (Jack’s moral sensibilities and conscience are getting to him now – would you want to be responsible for making a walking man into a paralyzed one?).  Not me.  I like some of the other developments as well.  Alex and Danielle found each other – Nice!  Hurley emerged as a leader (that bus that he and the boys discovered in the forest sure did the trick, didn’t it – Thank you Roger, the “work-man”, aka Ben’s father)?  By the way, “The Others” = 0 and “Oceanic Flight 815 = 15 for casualties (Ben is not happy).

So besides all of the relative dramatics and special effects, this show has me hooked.  There are essentially two ways of watching the show – you could take the literal approach and see things for what they really (sans double entendre’s and philosophical connotations) or you could (like me), spend alot of time analyzing the finer intricacies and philosophy of the show [the hamster in my brain is on steroids…spinning like a little madman and the wheel has just been greased – Thank you WD-40!].  If you have thought about the deeper meaning of the show (and have a little background into theosophy) the Wheel of Fortune and the intricacies of Karma and Dharma are becoming more apparent as the story’s fabric is woven.  And what a fabric it is!  A gilded silk tapestry with lots of inextricably connected stories.  Everyone and everything is connected.  Ok.  I get it.  But this still doesn’t explain the darned black smoke or the tropical polar bears, does it?!

Be Brave and Strong fellow Lostaholics [grin, shaking my raised fist in the air] – only 4 months to go….Good Vibrations!

 -Poseidon’s Muse


3 responses to “Dharma-Chameleon – “Lost” Season Finale

  1. Great show last night! I’m like you; I like to dig into the minutiae of the story, troll the forums, and discuss theories at length with the few Lostaholics I know personally. So I wonder if next season’s shows will take place post-island??

    My understanding is that the next season doesn’t start until January 2008. I know, I’m not happy about it either…Arghhh.

  2. I cannot take the incompetence surrounding me any longer. I cannot maitain my silence about these people on the island. Everytime I have a plan, someone screws it up.

  3. poseidonsmuse

    Sayid – Naveen, is that you? [how gullible am I – wishful thinking perhaps!]. Yes Sayid, I agree with you completely. You have to be THE most rational person on that island and no-one seems to listen to you (what’s up with that?!). If you had your way, everyone would have been rescued by now (or everyone would have least been brought to some Karmic redemption). I think you have more than proven yourself you sexy Iraqi you…grrrrrrr……

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