Dharma-rific “Lost” Fan Flurry

Is anyone else out there absolutely thrilled by the flurry of Lostaholic traffic in Cyberspace today?!  Understandable?  Absolutely!  Lost fans are some of the coolest people on the planet (I even had an encounter with “Sayid” today….big grin…he is so incredibly exotic!).  Anyways, keep it up folks!  The time for Dharma-rific enlightenment is only 3 seasons and [gulp] 3 years away….  So for now, let us remember those special moments.  Until we meet again my friends:

Sayid – Behind your smouldering brown eyes is a plan…you are a genius and you will help drive the Karmic wheel of enlightenment. 

Hurley – Keep smiling man, we are proud of you!  Your luck is now changing (no more meteors!) and you have emerged as a fearless leader (good for you, by the way).  You are the reason that this series has heart.  I put on a groovy smile whenever I think of you cruising in the blue VWDharma van to Three Dog Night’s “Shambala” – “How does your light shine in the halls of Shambala”…. Yah, that’s it.  By the way, did you save me a beer?

Jin – My Korean crush.  Your silent and courageous nature will help you, Sun (and baby!) find your little piece of heaven on earth.  You deserve it.  Humble beginnings.  I can relate.

 Jack – What can I say?  I hate seeing you like this man…the beard is wrong for you, and you are in such pain.  Juliette and Kate love you…Ugh…My heart sinks.

Locke – Really.  You’ve been thrown out of a building by your own miserable father only to survive a bloody plane crash (minus one kidney mind you), only to regain your legs and find yourself shot and left for dead in the Dharma “deadie” pit [pant, pant….phew!  run-on sentence]!  You have as many lives as Mikhail.  I don’t want you to leave the island.  I want you to walk.  Walk!!!

Kate and Sawyer – Kawyer?  Sate?  You belong together.  Sawyer’s rugged good looks and your sexy independence…this was a match made in heaven.  Sawyer had better not be in that casket….

Desmond – My Scottish crush.  That is not Penelope’s ship.  Start asking questions.  Start having more visions!!!!  Who in the heck is Naomi working for?  I’m sorry you had to watch Charlie drown (poor cute Charlie) – and how is that bump on your head?  I can certainly kiss it better for you…. 

The Others – keep on with the antagonizing (Ahem…Benjamin….). 

I’m spent. 

-Poseidon’s Muse

2 responses to “Dharma-rific “Lost” Fan Flurry

  1. I am so glad you think I am sexy and have smouldering eyes. When I get off this island and ditch all of these people who keep screwing up my plans, I will seek you out, you muse of Poseidon. Oh, indeed he is lucky to have such a marmalade addicted muse.

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Sayid – Bring it on bad-boy! Maybe we can share some marmalade together 😉 [wink, grin]. – PM

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