Rock, Paper…Dynamite?

I could essentially watch TV for the commercials, but this was not always the case.  When I was younger, I would have to watch a commercial 50 times before I even noticed “who” or “what” was being advertised (Ritalin Cocktail anyone?).  Now, I’m finding commercials more and more amusing.  I guess some of my fellow Gen-X’ers are having their say in the board rooms and some of this collectively bizarre humour is making it’s way onto the airwaves (is this good or bad?).  One recent commercial caught my attention and made me laugh last night…[commercial producers take note]…

The commercial was for Rogers My 5 and it caught me by surprise.  Five friends are sitting around and one guy is loading his phone with the phone numbers for 5 friends with whom he can share “free” calls with.  He has an “extra” friend and has to decide between this person and another guy.  How do they duke it out?  With a match of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, of course.  Except!  Aha!  This is the funny bit (and I thought I was the only one who cheated at this game!) [yes.  you can cheat – creatively].  ONE, TWO, THREE – one guy throws his “Rock”, the other guy flips a “Snake” [his index and ring fingers poking out in a fang like representation].  “Snake bites rock!”, exclaims one of the guys, “I win!”.  Needless to say, this person’s creativity wins him the prized slot in the cell phone.

Snake bites rock?  Is it trying to sharpen it’s fangs on an abrasive surface?  What?  Who comes up with this stuff? [oh right.  my crazy Gen-X friends….!].  Anyways, I remember playing “RPS” with some friends from Saskatchewan.  Being the good little Precambrian Shield bunny that I am (from Eastern Canada originally), after the count, I flipped my thumb  straight up into the air, [I think my opponent chose “Rock”].  Ha!  I Had all of them surprised and bewildered.  Everyone just stared at my thumb [crickets chirping].  My opponent sarcastically projects, “What the heck is that?”  “Dynamite”, I said.  “Dynamite beats rock!”  Oh, the advantage of being an provincial explant!!!!  By the way, scissors and paper beat dynamite [wink].

After some research on my part [grin], I discovered that there are many regional variations of RPS.  For example (and this is one of the stranger versions), in Indonesia, the “tokens” are an “Elephant”, a “Man” and an “Ant”.  Obviously, the  elephant can crush the man (yes, this is happening alot more lately in many tropical areas!) and the man can crush the ant (this happens everyday).  But this is the funny part.  The ant has power!  Power with a small “p”, mind you.  The ant can crawl into the elephants ear and cause the beast to self-destruct in a fit of insane rage (and tickling anguish).  I imagine that big “P” power might result if the stampeding elephant charges through an innocent village of people.  “Ant” beats “Man” (indirectly of course).  Poor villagers.  Wow, this is so potentially twisted and convoluted.  

I could go on about RPS – the mathematics, the philosophy, the tournaments (Oh yes!  There are tournaments) and the myriad other variations….but I’ll have you check out Wikipedia if you are still intrigued (Rock, Paper, Scissors).  Have a dynamite day!

-Poseidon’s Muse


One response to “Rock, Paper…Dynamite?

  1. Now that was interesting. Who knew other people in other countries did their own RPS variation? Not me. This counts as my something learned today! Hurrah!

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