The “Skinny” on Being Skinny

Ha!  Nicole Richie is one funny girl [the media is so gullible].  Apparently, the slim actress had everyone gossiping about her plans to have a party where only “girls weighing less than 100 lbs” could attend (her guests apparently knew that she was poking fun at the media).  Now if a “larger” actress were throwing a party for BBW, the attention would just not be the same.  The media would be deemed cruel and harsh for publicizing a “girls weighing 300 lbs or more party”.  Tsk, tsk.  The girl is thin, but give her a “break.”  [not that kind of break….].

Skinny people really do experience reverse discrimination (having lost considerable weight over the last few months due to health issues I speak from experience).  Not only are you assumed to have some kind of mental disorder, your “heavier” counterparts try to make you feel guilty for their weight issues (thanks friends).  People also assume you want to discuss your “secrets” with them.  Is there some degree of narcissism invested in these issues?  You betcha (more on narcissism at some other point).  It likely affects both sides of the equation to varying degrees (the skinnies vs the skinny wanna-bees).  I really hate the word “skinny” (I get a mental image of a skeleton in my head….ugh).

My advice.  Be happy that you are alive.  Enjoy each and every breath that you take with the body you were given.  Love your body no matter what (because slim people can die of heart attacks too).  Narcissists – that means you too [silence, crickets chirping].

-Poseidon’s Muse 

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