What the? Wednesday – #3

This special feature of my blog (“What the? Wednesday”) makes me smile some days.  I was searching for a mugshot of The Librarian to share with you (my readers), and came across something quite fun (and intriguing) from the Virtual Teacher Aide website (vtaide.com).  More about The Librarian some other time (I want to keep you in suspense!).

 “What did I find when I was cruising the web looking for a photo of Mr. Cranky-pants?” you might ask?  I found some interesting tidbits on animal hybrids.  I did know that some of these critters exist, for example:

-Mule = male donkey (jack) X female horse (mare)

-Hinny = female donkey (jennet) X male horse (stallion)

But (and this is where it gets interesting), there are other hybrids out there that you may not be aware of…

 -Tigon = tiger male X lioness (grrr….)

-Cama = camel male X llama female (who knew?)

-Zebrass, Zedonk or Zonkey (cute!) = zebra male X donkey female (a stubborn horsey creature with racing-stripes, nice…)

And my personal favourite (being that I am a creature of the sea)….

-Wolphin = false killer whale male X female dolphin

Now [drum roll please….], you too, can discover your own “inner” animal hybrid, courtesy of some amino acids and electrical engineering.  If you are at work, you may want to set your computer to “Mute”, because some really funky music starts to play when you click on THIS!  Have fun!

-Poseidons Muse


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