The Gift of Art

My mentor friend recently sent me a couple of gorgeous artcards the other day.  The cards depict a couple of fine-art pieces by a Washington artist by the name of Dylan Kuehl.  This internationally acclaimed young man has an extraordinary eye for colour.  You can certainly “feel” the inspiration that flows through him when you admire his work (did I mention that he has Down’s Syndrome too?).  You can see some of his pieces at DK Arts.  If you are a sunset lover [sigh], “Orange Sky” may appeal to you.  Beautiful work Dylan, you’ve inspired me to splash some paint on my canvas this morning!



2 responses to “The Gift of Art

  1. Thank you for wonderful reminder that Dylan’s art/poetry and life reaches beyond my imagination. I am Dylan’s business manager, mother and biggest fan.
    In June 2007 he’s gone from a solo dance performer to starting the Heavenly Dance Company, his company of dancers of mixed abilities. People are so moved when watching Dylan and his dancers perform. Now he wants to start a children’s band. Visit his website to read the mission statement he wrote for his new dream. He keeps dreaming. I let him. Thanks again,

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