The Power of a Smile

Did you know that June 15, 2007 is designated “National Smile Day”?  I did not know this.  I’m really excited about this (for good reason) [grin].  My teeth ache just thinking about it.  I would love to take the day off and just take pictures of various faces and smiles (how weird does that sound?).  Smiles are infectious.  Smiles are powerful.  Smiles can melt hearts and lift spirits.  Be ready to bare your pearly whites on June 15, 2007.



21 responses to “The Power of a Smile

  1. Here’s something I learned (a bit late in life to be sure, but…): Being pleasant to people doesn’t cost anything! Who knew? I spent a lot of years in a very unhappy place, but the last few have been like a veil lifted from my spirit. Jettison bad husband + find the true love of my life + newest generation of antidepressants = Joyful! I’ll be smiling on the 15th for sure.

    Happy weekend, mermaid!

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – Thanks for your wise words [you certainly made me smile]! I am pleased to hear that you are in a much happier place in your life right now too. I agree with you – true, genuine smiles reflect contentment and inner peace. Let’s be happy “nuclei” for a brave new world, shall we?!

    Here’s to you my Observant friend….”Joie de vivre!”

  3. :clown:



    Dobrogo dnya!

  5. hoi

    Hoi! 😉 [goedendag].

  6. hey im in love with you lets get married when i get closer to ur age ok well

  7. this is crap

  8. chewy!!!the pigs are comming through the bean pole!!!

  9. mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. this sux i love him n he dont love me back im soooo confused does he like me he sais im just his friend but he treats me like more than that does he like me???? or am i just his friend i wanna know

  11. kan he ook in het nederlands plaes.
    ik kan namelijk geen engels

  12. wwwwwwwwww

  13. smil rules

  14. poseidonsmuse

    Anonymous I – you need a reality check. Seriously dude. I’m like…twice your age…and, here’s a biggie….”unavailable”.

    Lina – smiles DO rule…so thanks for stealing mine.

    Danniek – I am not Dutch…but thanks for stopping by.

    Cfffff – [looking at the bumps protruding from my chest…and lack of an obvious “bulge” in my groin area]. Uhm. I think I’m a “chick”….”dude”. Sorry ’bout that.

    Bobas – love back. I think. Or maybe not, you might be psychotic and needy like Anonymous.

    Misty – “wus-down girl?”

    Chloe – steal the smile, and be off with you my sweet. Say it like you mean it next time, or be prepared for more sassin’.

    Anonymous – [again]. Did you forget to take your Prozac today? Hm..?? Well, did you, or didn’t you?!

  15. geraldine gagrandin

    lots of smiles facesBlue PLEASE

  16. samson wächter

    halloo ich bin samson .:)

  17. i love tamu… mari

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