Post from the Patio

I could literally spend all day on my patio.  There is a veritable community of interesting characters inhabiting various pots and containers in this greenspace [cue the “green thumb”].  Since I am the queen of personification, I will introduce you to my “vegetative” motley crue:

Fennel – this fine-haired gentleman is a very tasty specimen with an agreeable licorice flavour.  His subtle charm and humourous character make him a noticeable guest at barbecues and other social events.  Notice how his fine locks wave in the breeze as he enchants the attending guests …

Basil – with her soft and gentle aroma, she is a courtesan of fine Italian food and la “Dolce Vita”.  Every once in a while, I can detect her alluring fragrance in the summer breeze.  Her presence at every function is notably classic, elegant and quite understated.  She is the queen of stylish cuisine.

Chive – his spikey hair-style and non-chalant manner make him the perfect seasoning for a piquante side dish.  This “dude” has attitude, so approach him cautiously [and avoid kissing him if you insist on sweet breath…].

Tomato – what can I say?  Your lycopine rich flesh makes my heart sing.  I love watching your slender tendrils grasp the bamboo supports as you climb your way upwards towards the sky [my apologies if I made you sound like an exotic dancer with that description, but you are so delectably juicy!].

[faint sound of wind-chimes].  Ah, yes.  The “gang” is back for another festive season of summer gourmet.  I cannot wait to explore the various flavours that each of you will impart to my summer gourmet [maybe Gordon Ramsay can help me with this]. 

Seriously though.  After a long, cold winter, there is nothing more magical than a garden space.  Enjoy the transience!

-Poseidon’s Muse

3 responses to “Post from the Patio

  1. I too wait patiently on my patio for the first tomatoes to arrive – always a long wait. The basil is, however, being used as quickly as it grows and the lavender in the pot on my patio table is always good for a long sniff. The cat has bitten off most of the catnip and has claimed the spot where it grows as a personal nap spot. The mint suffered somewhat from our late spring freeze, but is coming back, as mint will, just in time for mojito season. Is there anything more lovely than one’s favorite herbs growing in a patio garden?

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Yay!!! My favourite blogger friend is a gardener and loves Mojitos too! I had to laugh about your cat using the catnip spot as a napping area. Funny thing that catnip! I made the mistake of planting it in my front garden one year (near the base of a tree) and the neighbourhood felines made short work of the tender shoots (and scratched the heck out of the base of the tree too, I might add!!!). Too funny! Enjoy your herbs (and if you have any good recipes, drop me a line!).

    ps. Have you heard of any rational uses for Lemon Balm?

  3. No, and I wish there were as mine tends to try to take over the herb garden! That darn stuff comes up everywhere…

    I really wonder what the heck the deal is with catnip. I don’t detect anything spectacularly orgasmic about it when I sniff it. Makes me wonder what I’m missing.

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