Old Souls…

How do you answer the following question if you consider yourself an “old soul?”:

“If you didn’t know your age, what age would you be?”

From appearances – late 20’s [unless it’s 3 am, in that case – 10 years older]

From experiences – at least 100 (Geochelone nigra look out….)

or…as Captain Blackadder so eloquently put it, “I, on the other hand, am a fully-rounded human being, with a degree from the University of Life, a diploma from the School of Hard Knocks, and three gold stars from the Kindergarten of Getting the **** Kicked Out of Me.”

[swirling thoughts during a Black Adder espisode – wow Hugh Laurie looks young….will Rowan ever age?]

Have a great weekend


5 responses to “Old Souls…

  1. Hmmm, I’ll give this a try:

    Appearance – Somewhere in my 40’s (thank you L’Oreal hair color)
    Attitude – late 1960’s with a hint of punk-era 1973 and a dash of 21st century sensibility.
    Experience – 67.5 years.

    I’ve never seen Black Adder and am ashamed to admit that the British accents always befuddle me. The only BBC show I watched with any regularity is Absolutely Fabulous. You’d think a person who, at one time mastered understanding a multitude of accents wouldn’t have this much trouble. I can’t explain it. Oh yeah, I of course watched Mr. Bean religiously when it was on PBS. I agree that Rowan doesn’t appear to age at all.

  2. Love this pic you got here.Can you tell me where I could get one like this?It appears to be a photograph.Could you tell me who took it?Thanks.

  3. Observant – We ARE soul sisters vibrating to the harmony of the late 60’s and early 70’s… You would love Rowan in Black Adder (he’s as adorable as ever….). You can actually buy the black adder series on DVD now (a friend borrowed them to me and I watched my favourite episodes over and over again….). I can’t vouch for Absolutely Fabulous – but The Office gets me chuckling (as does Coupling). I’m posting to your other comments too….!

    Maddoc – If you are referring to the photo on my front-page (trees, bridge and stream), it’s actually a template from WordPress…you can check it out if you have a weblog from them (just go to presentations and select a theme – this one is called Misty Look….). Thanks, I like it too….

  4. Hey, I missed out on this one!

    I’m a huge BlackAdder fan and thought I was the only one in the world besides Aaron. Thank you so much for bringing him up, back to life, and here in the present time. (hahaha, I really am smiling as I think of him)

    About my soul:

    “If you didn’t know your age, what age would you be?”

    I’ve always known.

    I’m older than the trees, older than the old hills I stand and live upon, older than the music that comes and goes and changes with the times, older than the words, the styles and thought processes and notions that flitter through time and space.

    Older than the New Ages, the Old Ages, older than the deja vous I feel and know and always forever eternally timeless.

    ~ I’ve always known ~

    (Wowie, I don’t know where that came from, maybe being up all night hurting but I am going to have to cross-post it because it turned into my first piece of poetry ever and….

    I HATE poetry for the most part, sorta)

    Thank you for this! I LOVE you.

  5. Ruby…that is so beautiful. You are timeless, ageless…you are the Earth personified.

    Please cross-post to this…this was utterly gorgeous.

    And, by the way…poetry is just a pretty way of organising your thoughts….You created a poem here without corny rhymes or cliche symbolism…

    I am honoured that your first poem was inspired here and created on my blog…Wow!

    Love you babe!

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