Muddled and stirred….[“cha-ching…”]

Woohoo!  I finally did it!  I made my first Mojito.  I can’t say that it was the best Mojito that I have ever had (one nameless, tiny Caribbean island still makes the best in my opinion), but it certainly satisfied my craving for the freshness of this minty drink.  I mean, where else can you combine the zip of citrus lime with the effervescent snap of club soda and mint?  Oh, did I forget to mention the rum?  Of course, quintessential rum from the Barbados is a given (“Rumbullion….that hot, hellish and terrible liquor”).  I tried my hand at experimenting with the green stuff too – Chocolate Mint seems to work quite well (I know Spearmint is traditional, but I can’t get past the “skunky” odour of the stuff).  Anyways, you can snap up  the recipe at Bacardi (I would have put it here – but the whole “age-of-majority-thingie” might get me in trouble).  Speaking of Bacardi (the Mojito site), now there’s a perfect example of “trendy gone cheesey” (you overdid the samba folks….).  It started out ok with some fun music, then it just got pornographic towards the end – I mean….just look at that model’s tongue (wow!).  Orgasmic…..anyone? 

Observant – this post’s for you!  “Bottoms up!”….Oops, I mean, “Cheers!!!” [Keep it clean PM, keep it clean…..!]


3 responses to “Muddled and stirred….[“cha-ching…”]

  1. Yowie Zowie, it must be summer. My confession: I can’t make a mojito from scratch to save my life. I shamelessly cheat with a wonderful Salvador’s product. I even have a muddler and still I fail! I also use the chocolate mint, which I think is mintier than spearmint and I will continue to try, try, try because the only really good mojito is not one from a bottle, but one made with love in one’s own kitchen.

    This comment is rather a rambling one don’t you think? Must be time for bed.

    I commented on your What Age are you? post last night, but must have pushed the “back” button instead of the “submit” button so I will paraphrase:

    Another confession: I don’t watch BBC because the accent throws me off. This makes no sense, because I understand many many other accents just fine. So I haven’t seen Black Adder, but I agree that Rowan Atkins doesn’t seem to age at all. Of course, I was an avid watcher of Mr. Bean on PBS, and Absolutely Fabulous was a must-see.

    I also made some very witty quips about how I view my own age and i wish I could remember what the hell I said. It was pretty good. Stupid “back” button.

  2. Oh and one more thing… I used to see that Bacardi Mojito commercial all the time during the Nip/Tuck season. Talk about appropriate commercial placement. I kind of like the bartender though. I think he’s the same one that’s in the Disarono ads.

  3. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – I got your comments – (Re: Old Souls) this morning – and posted your comments below the post (don’t worry – the whole “back” button thing gets me too!).

    As for British accents – I’m quite ok with basic English dialects (RP, etc), but I’m lost if a Highlander or Irish person starts lilting in my direction. For example [ha!]:

    “Hinka cumfae cashore canfeh, Ahl hityi oar hied ‘caw taughtie.”

    translation = “Do you think just because I come from Carronshore I cannot fight? I shall hit you over the head with a cold potato.”

    Grim, very grim…I would be in trouble in the northern bits of the UK, that’s a given!!!!! Lol!

    As for Mojitos – I agree…there is a definite art to concocting the bloody things. Like you, I think the chocolate mint gives the drink a smoother taste. And the Disaronno bartender – yes, he’s quite the hottie, isn’t he [sigh]. Muddle me silly Mr. Disaronno man….Yowie Zowie…!

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