It’s Too Short to Even Name….

I’m having a bad day.  “Qu’elle surprise!”, you might say.  Yes, this Muse has the Blues (and I’m not talking about the cool swamp blues of Slim Harpo today).  I slept terribly last night (too much REM sleep), woke up an hour late and have a mountain of work to slog through (in a different language nonethless).  So, this post will be short and boring – too short to even name.  I’m also drinking coffee that tastes and smells like cigarette butts (I apparently need to work on my “special blend” of Starbucks Tanzania and Melitta Hazelnut – oops!  I gave my secret elixir recipe away).  Is anyone else out there in Blog La La Land feeling the same?  Arrrrrrggggggghhhhh….  Sorry folks, there goes your projection of me as some elegant, marmalade hungry Mermaid with her tail dangling in the surf (as if…..[grin]).  Today, I’m a crazy little clown-fish with a hungry shark on my tail….



5 responses to “It’s Too Short to Even Name….

  1. Now you’ve gone and burst my bubble that I was actually conversing with a REAL MERMAID. So sorry you’re having one of those days. It seems to be in the air, so you’re not alone.

    My partner Ken worked (until yesterday) for a private company that one of our KC school districts contracted with to teach their at-risk high school students. No contract renewal this fall = no job this fall. He’ll have no trouble finding another job so we’re not really worried, and he’s off this summer anyway (damn teachers). Then my son wrecked his car yesterday (not too bad, he’s not hurt, everything will be fixed). What’s next? I can’t wait to find out.

  2. Sorry to disappoint you Karen [grin]….! Yeah, I know, it surprised me too when I looked down at the floor this morning and saw a pair of human feet (in need of a pedicure by the way!), instead of a swishy mer-tail….[humpfff].

    I’m sorry to hear about your partner’s turn of luck – hopefully something that suits his fancy will turn up. In the meanwhile, there is nothing wrong with a little time off for some good ol’ fashioned soul searching (as long as the bills are paid, I guess).

    As far as your son goes I’m glad to hear that he’s ok (no whiplash or anything?).

    Hopefully that’s it for you as far as trouble goes (I try not to subscribe to the philosophy that everything comes in groups of three….)…Here’s to a better tomorrow!!!!

  3. poseidonsmuse

    Alright. I can’t resist. I titled this post at 8:30 am this morning (only one cup of coffee on a few hours sleep) and now that I have my cerebral “wits about me”, I realize that one could truly pervert the name of this post couldn’t they? Men….only you know if it is “too short to even name”. [smirk, giggle – hand covering my lips….].

    I think I just made myself BLUSH….oh my…..[sigh].

  4. First laugh of the morning for me regarding the comment above about the hidden meaning of “too short to even name” (ironically also at 8:30am, one cup of coffee and 5 hrs of sleep. God, does it get any stranger than that?).

  5. poseidonsmuse

    Again – the whole “soul-sisters” thing…..[twilight zone music plays eerily in background]. I know…I tend to be a bit of a perv from time to time, especially when I’m tired. Lol!

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