Do it Anyway…

Deep breath…and release [sigh].  I flipped through a few “pages” of my blog the other day and realized that I have covered a fair amount of ground on a wide range of subjects over the last few weeks.  Being the private person that I am, I avoid discussing too many details about my personal life (my perogative I guess) so the topics might (from time to time) lack a certain raw appeal.  However, I do try to let my heart and soul glimmer through my work (I hope) so that my readers realize that I am quite personable (and not a shy, reclusive Mermaid,   😦    sorry Observant, I know that surprised you! [grin]).  With this web-space, I really wanted a place to Muse, ponder and write about life.  I enjoy writing for the sake of writing and find blogging interesting because of the interactive aspect of it.  In this space, I have met a variety of interesting people and have made friends with at least one regular writer (Observant).  Through our correspondence (frequently over clever and heartfelt posts), we learn a little bit more about each other – and we appreciate our shared humanity.

So today, I thought about writing something that is near and close to my heart – my life’s philosophy.  Up until yesterday, I didn’t actually realize that this philosophy even existed outside of my mind.  As I perused the discount book section at Chapters yesterday, I found evidence that there was actually a name for this way of thinking.  What I’m referring to is the “Paradoxical Commandments“.  Some of you may have already heard about them.  I was brought up with my mother’s fresh, frank and honest philosophy that mirrors much of what Kent M. Keith describes in his National Bestseller “Anyway”.  I don’t believe that my mother had ever read any of Kent’s work, but I imagine that her humble upbringing and grounded nature allowed her to develop this particular life philosophy.  I believe that a certain fierce, and self-reliant hardiness develops in individuals that are subjected to the barren rock and cold biting North winds of this country.  People of other cultures might mistake this independence with brashness or precociousness, but a Canadian weathering a biting North wind on a frozen Ontario lake would call it something else.  They might call it “gumption”, “courage” or “fortitude” (for interest sake, the Finns would call it “Sisu“).

So there I was, standing in the store, turning the book over in my hands quite a few times before opening the front cover.   When I did open the front cover, I was met with some very practical words.  You can read the Paradoxical Commandments at this site.  Due to copyright, I could not reprint the passage here.  If you read the passage, you might have had the feeling that I had when I first read them.  I literally asked myself, “Why such a negative tone to the words?”  Then I began to think of all of the people struggling to find themselves in this world.  Through disconnect (and perhaps, some degree of innocence or ignorance), people (we) have lost their (our) way.  People are struggling to identify with themselves in a world full of technological white-noise, instant messaging and phone texting psychobabble.  They find themselves amuck in a busy world when they should focus on their inner purpose in a sea of tranquility and silence.  In short, people get caught up in too much of life’s “drama” and they hurt themselves and others in the process.

From my cursory review of the Paradoxical Commandments (I am reading the book “Do It Anyway” by Kent M. Keith), I have gleaned a few main concepts (and I don’t want to sound like I am grand-standing here – in no way do I think myself spiritually or intellectually superior to anyone – but I want to share this with you).  One of the primary concepts involves that of “excuses”.  We all make excuses for ourselves “I can’t go for a walk today because….” or “I don’t want to spend time with so-and-so today because.”  We excuse ourselves to death (literally for some).  By ignoring that tiny voice inside our heads (that fluttery white angel), we sabotage our own happiness – and the happiness of others.  We defeat ourselves with our thoughts (negativity, assumptions, bad intentions), then our words, then our actions.  We also let other people down in the process (remember that net of Indra?).  A negative attitude propagates itself like an insidious fungus.  We need to break away from these bonds by releasing ourselves from the negative undercurrents in our lives, and follow our hearts desire.  This is the way of making a difference in the world.  We have to lead by example.  Unfortunately, as you know, being a leader can be a painful experience.  It can isolate you from others.  It makes you an object of ridicule.  In short, it can be a painful journey, but one of cleansing and renewal (and hope!).

So there it is.  A little piece of my heart and soul on a tiny platter in Cyberspace (kind of makes one feel a tad bit naked and vulnerable, doesn’t it?).  And, although Blogland is one of those places full of “technological white-noise”, it is also a place where like minded soul searchers can find respite in the kind words of one another.  Everyday, I look forward to the friendship and humanity that drives us to share our thoughts, feelings and lives with one another.  There is something very transcendant in that.  Baby-steps, yes, but together, we will make a difference.


-Poseidon’s Muse 


2 responses to “Do it Anyway…

  1. I’ve never seen nor heard the Paradoxical Commandments before. VERY interesting. These are truths we all know intuitively, I think – like you said, “I didn’t actually realize that this philosophy even existed outside of my mind.” To me, it all comes down to doing the right thing, even if you get beat down by it. Thanks for sharing a little more of yourself, Mermaid! I’ve also been pleased by our friendship and it’s so affirming to find other like-minded people like you in the world. Have a wonderful day.

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – [I love your avatar by the way – very beautiful]. Thank you for your words of friendship. I agree that we all know these truths intuitively in different ways – Golden Rule etc. As I read more of the book, I am learning that we all hold something back from ourselves and others (either due to fear of rejection, a troubled past or present, etc…). It makes it very difficult for people to relate to one another when they have to hide their true selves from others (and people often do it for good reason).

    Yet, sometimes, if you are lucky enough (build trust, confidence and share yourself with others), beautiful things can happen within the special relationships in your life. A tiny crack in the thickest of facades can often reveal the most marvellous intricacies of a person’s heart and soul. A very bright gift indeed. I liken this to seeing your grumpy old grandpa give you a smile or a wink on occasion because he loves you, even if the generational difference predisposes to misunderstandings.

    Shine on Everyone!

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