Buddha’s Serene Eyes…

A photo of a serene, gilded Buddha is sitting atop my desk this morning.  He is the inspiration for my next art-piece (a large 4 foot by 4 foot canvas).  This morning, Buddha seems to be presenting me with a challenge.  “Find my divine proportions and seek serenity as you paint my golden face,” he muses through closed eyelids.  So here I sit, with a burgeoning pensivity, imagining how I will do justice to an archetypal image that has been floating about like a unfolding Lotus in a reflecting pool of religious symbolism and humanity for thousands of years.  Should I gild Buddha’s perfectly sculpted nose after I have layered the painted basecoat?  Would Buddha appreciate a backdrop of flowers?  Will Buddha appreciate being auctioned at a charity art event once his image has been fashioned?  I have a keen sense of my responsibilities here (for good reason).  I’m sure that Buddha trusts my pending jurisprudence. 

“Listen to your inner Buddha PM…”  


Excuse me, but I need to meditate for a while…



4 responses to “Buddha’s Serene Eyes…

  1. Buddha is not asking you to paint what he would appreciate.
    The very fact that you were inspired to draw him for your next art piece, means that you have something that you know is of good quality. Just follow that lead, and when you’re done, you’ll see how peacefully the buddha smiles 🙂

    All the best.

  2. Beautiful comment – thank you for that…


  3. I loved the way your words flowed in this post. It sounds like ripples on a pond. I have nothing to add for once – just found the words and they way you fit them together to be very beautiful.

  4. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – I am humbled… *Thank you*

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