Guess that tune!

It must have been my morning meditation and a visit with a special friend this morning that inspired me to go from fashioning a Buddha painting to listening to Existential country music. This mermaid is in a playful mood this evening!

Here goes folks….Name that tune [your clue(s)]:

“A song written by Jimmy Web, in 1968, describing the longing feeling that a telephone lineman has, as he works along the lonely border of Oklahoma and Kansas.  In the song, the lineman pines for his lover and claims that he can still hear her ‘singing in the wire.'”

Ok, enough hints. 

[an absolutely magical song….]

Oooohhh [hands rubbing together]…and here’s an idea – the first person that gets it right has to give me a topic to blog about (let’s try to keep it relatively “clean!”)….[smirk].



2 responses to “Guess that tune!

  1. Too easy! Wichita Lineman. Topic: Describe the room in your house you like the best and why.

  2. You are too cute! I knew that you’d be the keener….Good work!!!!!!! Ok…I’ll post about my study….stay tuned.

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