Observant gets the Prize!

Woohoo!  Observant wins the coveted prize of choosing today’s blog topic.  Yeah, I agree with you, I guess that was a little easy.  Funny thing though – I was actually thinking of Observant’s visit to Kansas (Tornadoes and High School Reunions – forgive my link Observant, but the post was brilliantly written) when I was listening to that song. 

Just a bit about the song “Wichita Lineman”.  It really was considered to be one of the first Existential country songs ever written (created by Oklahoma-native Jimmy Webb you know…).  What do we mean by “Existential?”  Well, to answer that, it would be best to describe how one would “feel” Existentialism.  Imagine describing, in relatively abstract, but intense detail, your most raw and sinewy desires for someone that you miss terribly.  You are isolated and alone in a barren environment and this person is a thousand miles away from your heart.  Absorb the intensity of this feeling in your bones, skin, fingertips.  Feel that trilling, melancholic ache within the core of your being before it spills it’s staccato guitar rifts onto a charged electrical wire.  Then, lean into that wire (not too close mind you…), and listen to it hum.  Can you hear it?  Can you hear the buzzing crackle of that soft, gentle whisper….?

[Cassandra Wilson sings a fabulous version of this song…]

So here goes….I am to blog about my favourite room in this humble house (and why I consider it my favourite room).  Good topic to write about.  I needed some inspiration today. 

[Let me put on my “thinking” glasses….ah, that’s better!]

It’s a small-ish room – about 20 ft X 20 ft, perched on the second floor of my house.  From a large window, I can see shy mountain peaks rising above a complacent suburban landscape (the view is never the same from day to day and I love this…).  The walls of this room are painted a light “latte” colour and reflect and absorb light perfectly.  In the south-west corner of the room, an accomodating easel holds one of my fine art creations within bountiful rays of generous “north” light.  An entire (north) wall of my study is sound-proofed by four overstuffed bookshelves (recall the “growing” library).  These gluttonous shelves are brimming with eclectic travel and natural history objects – starring my favourite characters – “Terrence the Trilobite” and “Casey the Chinese Rice Paper Umbrella.”  I have photos of my favourite critters on the shelves (human and animal).  Oh!  “The Librarian” says “Hello” to everyone by the way (he’s in a great mood today because I left some Belgian chocolates on the top shelf last night).  Another couple of shelves hold a collection of CD’s ranging from “America” to “Kodo.”  Essentially, these shelves are a divine source of inspiration.

In the centre of the room (set at a pleasing angle) is a shaker style birch table that I have commandeered as part of my “central command centre” (or C3 as I like to call it).  On my desk are a couple of photo frames (more important human and animal critters).  I would love to replace this piece of furniture with an Asian style desk one day (the antique type made of dark wood with gorgeous crimson designs…).  A medium sized leather box sits atop a leather journal on the left hand side corner of my desk.  The box smells like exotic spices and I open it from time to time and take a “hit” of this fine scent!  I’d describe the scent as patchouli and sandalwood with a hint of cardamom.  Oh, and let’s not forget about the “dime store” pencil holder gem that I picked up a few years back (it is quite pretty with a glass mosaic pattern).  The chair at my desk is also rather utilitarian.  I have actually never thought of replacing it, because it is an old office find.  It’s retro styled with silver casters (Ollie the Owl can give you a demo on these if you are interested!  Too funny…) and a burnt orange fabric.  It will not match my new Asian desk, so I’ll have to find another home for this comfy number.

I guess that was more of a description about my “stuff” than it was about the room itself – but then again, what is a room without it’s contents?  I spend much time up in this room – writing, reading, working, painting, unwinding, pondering, dreaming, sleeping.  I feel like these walls have absorbed my spirit’s essence.  There is much positive energy emanating from every corner of this room because it is so loved.  This room is my nurturing nucleus and haven. 

This room is my “study”…..

Thanks Observant!

-Poseidon’s Muse

6 responses to “Observant gets the Prize!

  1. Stellar post! You make me want to curl up in your study and listen to music. This morning I am trying out Kodo via Rhapsody. I love to check out music I’ve never heard before and am finding the energetic drummimg a good way to get myself going today. So you are a painter as well as a blogger (and I imagine other creative pursuits in there as well)? Interestingly, I’ve found myself always surrounded by artists and musicians, although I possess few artisitic talents myself. The walls of my office at work are covered with artist postcards I’ve picked up over the years, photographs, a couple of Kandinsky prints, Chinese anatomy prints and a signed photograph of The Soup Nazi my father gave me for my birthday one year. Not exactly the lair of a management professional but oh well! Anyway, good job PM! Have a wonderful day today.

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – Thank you for your kind words (and I would enjoy your company in my study too, by the way!). I’m happy to hear that you enjoy a variety of music (including International). I found Kodo a few years back – many of their songs provide a great rhythm for Kata (a form of moving meditation in martial arts). Whenever I listen to it, I can’t help but imagine myself in Japan (“Is that a Samurai lurking behind that cherry tree?!”).

    Your office sounds like a very ecelectic place in itself (you can tell alot about a person by the state of their office/study)! Chinese anatomy prints you say? Sounds very interesting. You are a Seinfeld fan too – “Excellent!” (I didn’t know that the Soup Nazi autographed his own photos! – Lol!). My favourite episode has to The Chicken Roaster! (Kramer is hilarious in that episode).

    As far as artistic talents go – I think writing is certainly one – so you should count it in your repertoire. I also believe that if someone has an “artistic eye” and enjoys art – that’s often quite a gift in and of itself. Display your artcards and Kandinsky prints proudly my friend!!!!

    ps. Do you have any favourite “international” musicians?

  3. Oh to have a room of one’s own like yours! I’m jealous. I have such a picture of it in my head – mostly to do with the light. It was a lovey description. I share a study with my betrothed (I am sorry about that word, it seems to be stuck in my head and I know it’s ridiculous – will have to replace it when we get married!), which is lovely actually, but I do dream of having a room like yours when we’re in a different house. A room such as that wouldn’t work in this house. I do have my healing room that’s full of books and fairies and candles, which I love, but I don’t write in there.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. Now wait a minute here – I got all caught up in the past and the Wichita Lineman (which is still on my line) and then got transported to your wonderful room. My head is spinning.

    I remember rooms in my mind that I’ve spent much time in and you’ve sparked many fond memories for me.

    Thank you.!

  5. Do I like international music? Oh my, yes (rubbing hands enthusiastically as i prepare to type):

    African music: Angelique Kidjo, Manu Dibangu, Amadou and Mariam, Geoffrey Oryema, Youssou N’Dour, Papa Wemba.

    Most all of the Reggae bands but especially

    Ethnic fusion bands Deep Forest from France and Baka Beyond.

    Latin American music – all kinds but partial to Gilberto Gil, Celia Cruz, Inti Illimani, Tito Puente (!), Los Super Seven, Ozomatli, Flaco Jiminez…

    There is no commercial radio played on my watch. I refuse to be homogenized!

  6. poseidonsmuse

    Ruby – Glad the “Tardis” could take you back in time (are you a Dr. Who fan?!). Thanks for stopping by the site. Yes…the “Wichita Lineman” as sung by Glenn Campbell is amazing. Since Observant “Guessed the Tune” the day before, my job was to blog about my favourite room – hence the rant about my study! I know…eclectic….but fun!!!!! Hope you’re feeling well today!

    Observant – That’s my girl! Thanks for the recommendations (I will look into a few of those titles when I get a chance). I love all of the beats and rhythms you suggested. Good music for the patio too, don’t you think [makes your soul soar]… Homogenization is for dairy products!!!!!! [hey, we should market that as a bumper sticker!].

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