Transient Images…

A billow of white pollen breaks from it’s tethered yoke.  It drifts upward and slips lazily into a vast blue ocean.  Mother poplar watches reluctantly as her soft child seeks haven in sister clouds.  Responding to the slightest breeze, poplar bends her solid trunk towards the east.  She sways and dances, continuing to release her fervent life force into the still evening air.  Her roots anchor this motion, sinking deeply into dark forest soil.  These tiny limbs imbibe on the overflow of a nourishing river.  Quick sips of trickling sustenance are sought.  The rushing water, churning brown, like distilled amber, seeks a tumbling path over polished stones.  Tiny granite shields of silver, grey and black provide gentle resistance to the weathering water.  The stones shift and shuffle against a rising surge of bubbling amber.  The precious soil is gratefully protected and anchoring roots are held safe.  Poplar sighs contentedly and welcomes the evening sun’s golden afterglow.  


5 responses to “Transient Images…

  1. That was nice. I could imagine every part of the description in my mind. Haven’t ever thought of a tree releasing it’s seed as a mother, but that’s what it is, isn’t it?

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – Thank you. I think some degree of feminine and masculine energy exists (or should exist) in everything. I guess, technically [and my biology stands corrected here] – male poplars shed pollen and female poplars produce seeds (perhaps this tree had a sex change? Lol!).

    I can’t blame Starbucks for this morning foible. Oh well!

  3. What a beautiful image and feeling you’ve managed to make almost tangible. I was just thinking of poplars last night and today and how prevalant they’ve always been in my life. I have some fond memories of poplars and was watching them waving today outside my window. I was also thinking of a fellow I used to know who called them ‘popular” trees. I was never sure if he was making a joke or just didn’t know the actual name.

    Thank you.

  4. Oh, lovely! The balance between the protective and the giving feminine is truly beautiful in this piece. Love it.

  5. poseidonsmuse

    Ruby – Thank you for your comments. Like you, I have always found poplars very beautiful. Their small, round, waxy leaves always make the perfect “rustle” in the summer wind, don’t you think? Funny thing about the “popular” term that your friend used (maybe it was a Freudian slip perhaps?!).

    Simonne – I like that – “protective and the giving feminine” (very nice – I think that this tree must be very balanced indeed!).

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