An Electrical Surge…

Is it me, or is there a very powerful spiritual energy surge emanating from our little blogger community this week?  The positive energy is literally spiralling from soul to soul – “Can you feel it?  Can you sense the net of Indra?” 

This is very exciting. 

Let’s keep directing our energies upwards. 

Love to all.



13 responses to “An Electrical Surge…

  1. Geez, I thought I was the only one feeling this positive vibration, and on that note, I believe Bob Marley said it best:

    If you get down and quarrel everyday
    You’re saying prayers to the devil, I say
    Why not help another on the way
    Make it much easier
    Say you just can’t live that negative way
    You know what I mean
    Make way for the positive day

    Cause its a new day
    New time, new feeling yeah!
    Say it’s a new sign
    Oh what a new day
    Picking up.
    Are you picking up now
    Jah love, Jah love, protect us


  2. I’m sure feeling it and riding it for all it’s worth. Thanks for mentioning it. I wasn’t sure if it was just me or what.


  3. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – You go girl! I’d love to dance to that one with you – think sandy beach, blue surf, a fire and drums….

    Ruby – You’d be on that beach with us – dancing with a fire in your soul…You are a major reason for this positive energy….Bask in it…[Hugs].

  4. Ruby, I agree w/PM – you’re the main reason for this energy flow. Dance, sister, dance!

  5. Yo sisters, yes! (I’m trying to be American – did you feel that?! Sigh, ok, I’ll stick to being Aussie!)
    I went to bed last night holding a clear quartz crystal and woke up with it still in my hand, 7 hours later, and I was buzzing!

  6. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – You were born a dancer!

    Simonne – We love “The Aussie” in you! Are you still buzzing?!

  7. I am actually, but then I got totally spoilt today, so maybe it’s from that! (My fiance took the day off work and took me out to breakfast after I’d trained a client, and then took me home and made love to me, then took me out to lunch and then went shopping while I had the 2 hour day spa he’d bought me a few months ago, rocked up outside the spa with a big happy bunch of sunflowers and then we went to my dad’s for dinner – and it’s not even my birthday!!)

  8. poseidonsmuse


    Wow! I am entirely envious. I am so happy for you – how wonderful! [sigh]. You deserve it!

    “I’ll take one of those please”….drool…slurp….
    [even a half?….pretty please?!!!].

  9. Simonne: I think you win the contest for Best Day Ever. And he gave you sunflowers? Damn, he’s goooood.

  10. It took me a LONG time to realise I deserved it and it wasn’t until then that Chris entered my life and my heart finally truly opened.
    Thanks for being happy for me! x

  11. OB, yes, perhaps it should go done as the best day ever, it did rock! He is good, I’m soooo grateful to have him! My only complaint is that he bakes (and oh so well) and I’m getting fat!
    (Pm, this thread is all about me! Sorry to take over your blog!!)

  12. I’m responsible for it?? Oh my! That leaves me speechless. I couldn’t do it without the powerful vibes that I’ve gotten from all of you though I think.

    Nice to think of us as a blogging “community” – I like it.

    Peace, love and understanding…and always hugs.

  13. poseidonsmuse

    Ruby – We are all rays of sunshine comprising a gigantic, warm star (and you are a bright spark in that sun). This little community is sure going to be BRIGHT!!! Love and Hugs.

    Simonne – A man that bakes?! [drrooooool…..]. I must say….you had better hold onto that gentle-bloke – and hold onto him TIGHT!

    But before you hold onto him too tightly – “Can we clone him in my DNA replicator thingie, please, pleaassseeee!!!!” Lol. He’s one in a few billion and he is yours! Love each other!

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