Excuse Me While I Have a Moh…oh…ment….[oh my!]

Ok.  Here’s a riddle for you (Observant might like this one – re: “Lover”).  What could possibly be that hot, steamy, sweet and oh so deliciously good that it would make a woman’s pupils (mine) dilate and cause my toes to curl?  Oh, let’s not forget about the rush of blood to my lips and other erogenous zones (oh my!  gasp!).  [sneaky laugh….].  Excuse me for a “moh…oh…oh…ment.”

 A Starbuck’s Raspberry Mocha!  That’s what!

So ladies, for a mere $4.50 Cdn dollars, you too can experience the sensual, lip-smacking raspberry goodness that is “heaven in a vente cup.”  [sigh].  All I need are a few sunflowers and my day is complete [hop hop].  Whip cream?  Anyone?  [smirk].  Let’s review my lustful tendencies – shall we!?  [grin…I know, I’m one “Kwazy Wabbit“].




5 responses to “Excuse Me While I Have a Moh…oh…ment….[oh my!]

  1. Ah ha! Back on the java, eh? Sounds delish. My poison’s been chocolate silk coffee with a splash of french vanilla lately. Liquid chocolate, what could be better than that? Maybe a splash of raspberry?

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – Yes…I know….it was delish…I feel kinda naughty. Mmmmm…chocolate silk coffee with vanilla sounds divine (I love vanilla lattes…). Try the raspberry for a refreshing treat, it really is quite yummy!

  3. Yeah! Gotta love that toe curling, blood swirling rush of lust and desire that comes with COFFEE 🙂

  4. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – We are chasing each other’s comments this evening, aren’t we? This is hilarious! You are awesome! Lol! Anyways, yes, I am back – and it is FABULOUS!

    I’m so sorry “Java”, I shall never forsake you again. Lol!

  5. I noticed that! I wonder what the time difference is! I think I might be blogging in the morning while you’re up at night! 🙂

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