Diary of T-Rex…

Bone-white; a round eye socket

now cradles prickly cactus.

Looking skyward, then horizontally

thorny predator “eyes” survey

Terra Tyrannus.

“How deplorable,” he sighs

a defeated Tyrannosaurus breath. 

His ribcage rattles,

releasing phantom breath

from pointy nasal bones.

With a giggle and flick of a brush

sharp and eager canine teeth are dusted.

The child laughs at his discovery –

this new game of



7 responses to “Diary of T-Rex…

  1. Neat, playful poem, PM! Is there no end to your artistic talents??

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Observant! Hi! Thanks for stopping by (and thanks for your compliments). I had that strange image in my head today. I think I need to take a trip to a dinosaur museum or something….Lol! I hope you had fun with your mum today! How was the Nelson addition?

  3. Wow, that is awesome! Poetry is hard and I’m very fussy with it, but I totally love this – not one word that shouldn’t be there – nice one 🙂

  4. The Nelson was fabulous. I fell in love with a painting, but lacked a pen to write down the artist’s name. Thought I would remember, but can’t. Something Swedish… Gee, i guess I’ll just have to go back.

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  6. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – Thank you muchly. I know – poetry is one of those things, isn’t it? — I prefer the minimalist approach myself. When I attempt anything too artsy-fartsy it tends to fall flat upon the floor. How can you tell I have a science background!? Plus, the combination of dinosaurs and kids (two species of “critter” that absolutely fascinate me) – is priceless…

    Observant – I’m so glad to have inspired you (I think I got my initial inspiration from Simonne that morning). We certainly have created a chain-reaction of inspiration and energy here, haven’t we? I slipped a note about “Haiku for Andi” in your comment spot – what a beautiful Haiku….and a very enchanting piece of pottery to have inspired your words. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  7. poseidonsmuse

    ps. Observant – glad you liked the Nelson additon – wish I could help you (re: Swedish artist). When it comes to you (or if you find out the name on your next visit), let me know!

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