Happy Birthday Canada!

Woohoo!  Happy 140 years Canada!  For some of our Non-Canadian friends, here’s some media (and non-media) -related fun for you.  As you can tell – we Canadians try not to take ourselves too seriously at times: 

1.  Canadians pride themselves on their distinct national identity, as seen here in this Molson Canadian Beer commercial from 2000 known as “the Rant” (if there is one thing that Canadians take pride in – it’s their beer!).  [we aren’t all rednecks and we all don’t wear flannel shirts, but you get the point!].  Oh, and Molson Canadian is now owned by Coors, and I would debate the whole “we are number one in hockey thing.” [darn it….].  “Why did I make this point #1?” you might ask.  I have no idea.  Just thought it would make a funny introduction to my topic.

2.  When travelling abroad, I frequently get asked about our Queen.  Yes, we are ultimately ruled by a monarch – but she sits in the UK, strutting about from palace to palace, doing her “figure-headie” type thing.  We have a hard-working Prime Minister that does most of the work.  He is young, rather attractive and controversial at times.  Meet the Right Honorable Mr. Stephen Harper [grrrrrrrrr……].  He’s a conservative by the way – the other politial parties in our great nation include the Liberal and NDP parties (the Green Party should get more votes IMHO).

3.  If you haven’t met this guy yet – you should.  He is Mr. Rick Mercer (another absolutely handsome Canadian male with a television show).  When he’s not jumping butt-naked into a freezing Canadian lake, he’s cracking Canadians up with his “Merc”-ilessly funny and dry sense of political humour (and if there’s one thing Canadians love – it’s political satire – Weeeehheeeee….must be a throwback to our British Colonial days).  He has a blog too – you should check it out here.  His photo-challenge is hilarious too! [grin – Stephane Dion in a Jolly Jumper – tee hee hee].

4.  As far as Canadian iconic symbols go – our money is quite attractive (perhaps second to the interesting Aussie money!) and we do, of course have mounties (but they only wear their ceremonial red uniforms for important services typically).  The CN Tower and Parliament buildings are famous architectural attractions.  Niagara Falls can get your heart pumping too (a hotspot for honeymooners….sigh).  We employ beavers in advertising – meet Frank and Gord – two busy little guys trying to push telecommunications services and products (apparently they were “fired” recently….sorry to hear that guys….I guess it’s back to the “dam” for you….).  I mention them because they are adorable.

5.  Since the country is so vast – we have a diverse array of political, cultural and geographic features [that’s quite a pretty map…..nice colours].  Moving from east to west, you can experience the unique hospitality and dialect of Newfoundlanders, indulge you senses in cultural Montreal (not everyone speaks french in Quebec), and skip across the prairies to join us in the west for the Calgary Stampede (the greatest outdoor show on earth you know….).  I could go link crazy and show you images of cool ecosystems like deserts, bogs, taiga, tundra, prairie and mountains – but I’ll save that for another time.

Well…I hope you enjoyed the mini-virtual tour.  My little Birthday gift to my country.  Big hugs from me Canada – you are amazing…[and hardly any “wrinkles” at 140….I wonder what your secret is!].

Happy 4th of July to my American friends too….Enjoy the fireworks.


8 responses to “Happy Birthday Canada!

  1. How interesting! I have to admit with some embarrassment that I have not visited my northern neighbor yet. My parents, though, have been having an ongoing love affair with Nova Scotia for several years and have been there quite a few times. You have a beautiful and diverse country (and you get bonus points for NOT being involved in an illegal and shameful war, and for not having a flipping idiot leading your country). Happy birthday!

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – You are welcome at my little piece of paradise anytime! Your parents are certainly on to something too – Nova Scotia is a gorgeous place (although I have never been myself). As far as political leaders go – I won’t go there, but let’s suffice to say there are alot of wind-bags in government these days….! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oh SIGH – Canada is one of my dream destinations! Everyone I know who’s been raves about it and mentions some of the cool similarities to Australia. I HAVE to go there one day! We talked about it as a honeymoon destination but decided we’d need more funds for a trip like that. One day!

  4. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – I could take your comment, replace the word “Canada” with “Australia” and you would have my sentiments – exactly! I think Australia and Canada have alot in common too! I would love to visit Australia – there are so many attractions/places that I would love to see. Plus, your country boasts some of the best wine-making territory in the world (which is always a nice thing to brag about!). I could make quite the go of stumbling from winery to winery when I do visit your great land! Cheers!

  5. canada pro i live there

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  7. Hey im canadian!! yay!!
    but i’m stuck living in australia, its not all its cracked up to be it is stupid everyone here thinks that it never gets above 0 degrees in Canada. they spell words funny eg. Color=>Colour, Mom=>Mum . the people here think 20 is cold!!! they are very very full of themselves eg. im in high school and recently we had to do a project comparing another country to Australia like their soo good!!!!!
    i am really sick of their country and i want to come home 😦


  8. Homesick – I’m glad you added your comment here. As you know – being “Canadian” is part of your identity, and as such, it is something that you can never truly leave behind you – no matter where you live or roam. I have travelled extensively myself and get frustrated when other people from various countries are ignorant of Canada in general (including climate, location, customs etc).

    Being Canadian means alot of things to me – but foremost, it means that I am an ambassador for an amazing nation that has made its mark in the global arena with respects to democratic leadership and human rights. We have alot to be proud of. So, the next time you get a little frustrated with your Aussie friends, remind them that their young country is a Commonwealth nation and in some respects – very similar to Canada.

    Too, it sounds as though you have been given a golden opportunity – as a younger person in a foreign land – that some people may only dream of. You have the ability to experience the customs, climate and culture of another country and this will add greatly to your perspective as you get older. Good luck in Australia and a big hello from your homeland!

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