Kitchen Cupboard Ambrosia…

Summer is the time for spoiling yourself with a little something “extra”, wouldn’t you agree?  Last night, I indulged myself with a pampering treatment of a green tea tonic facial cleanse, a peppermint foot rub and lavender aromatherapy without leaving the house – and you can too!  Here’s a few ideas for you to get started:

1.  Olive oil – you can’t beat the emollient effects of olive oil on dry, thirsty, summer skin.  I place gently crushed lavender flowers in my oil (it will keep in the fridge – but I often leave mine in a cool place in the kitchen) and use this on my arms, legs and feet for a soft summery glow.  Used sparingly, the oil soaks in quite quickly and won’t leave you feeling “greasy” (I know, you have to be careful with this in the summer – use to much olive oil and people will be looking to stab you with a turkey baster!).  I find that the oil leaves my skin feeling silky soft and it seems to shimmer and glow…  Olive oil also makes for a nice hot oil treatment for hair too.

2.  Sea Salts – sea-salts make an essential element to the bath in summer.  You can add them to a rich lotion and use it in the bath to scrub away dead skin (feet really appreciate this treatment).  You can even add the salts straight to your bathwater (it “softens” the water and, in turn, leaves your skin and hair feeling similarly).  Care when using salts if you need to shave (ouch!) – if you nick your skin, you are in for a stinging experience (is there a jellyfish in my tub!). 

3.  Green Tea Tonics – the antioxidant effects of drinking green tea are becoming rather reknowned, but have you thought about using the tea on your skin directly?  You can directly apply the cooled teabag to face and eye area, or you can be a little more sophisticated and make a spritzer out of a brew of green tea.  Either method works.  The benefit?  The polyphenols (EGCG) in the tea have antioxidant properties (ie. anti-ageing, ant-DNA ravaging) and are useful to help rejuvenate skin cells (and green tea is known to be safe for most skin types!).  Green tea also has a calming effect on rough complexions and sunburn too (go figure!).  I find that the green tea leaves my skin feeling a little firmer and more hydrated.

4.  Apple Cider Vinegar – it stinks, but it works!  (sorry “Buckleys“).  Apparently, this “humble-fruit-turned-vinegar” is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids and has a myriad of folk uses (grandma was right!).  Use it as a rinse for hair and scalp to promote healthy, shiny hair (it is imperative to rinse with water after this or you’ll smell like a garden salad – been there, done that!).  It is also useful for skin and acts as a toner, complexion modifier (bye-bye red spots) and sunburn soother (ahhh, that’s better….!). 

Another thing that shouldn’t be underestimated when setting up a “home-spa session” and that is ambience.  Sans children or pesky spouses is best, but if you have to involve them – you can put on some soothing music and have some fun with it.  You can actually buy spa music too – I have a dual disc collection that I listen to from time to time, but anything relaxing will do.  Ensure that you are drinking some healthy beverages (tea and water are obviously best) while you are relaxing to help flush those nasty toxins away.  A little tray of fresh fruit and veggies (spa food), some candles and you are set.  Now where’s my masseuse.  Ah, there, that’s better!

Enjoy my pretties…..!


7 responses to “Kitchen Cupboard Ambrosia…

  1. Wow, nice one! THANKS! I had my day spa the other week and now my face has broken out and I look like Godzilla when Godzilla had measles, acne and sunburn (not good is basically what I’m getting at here!). Sigh.
    Your home spa sounds wonderful! I had a reiki session last week and had a sea salt bath afterwards and felt so thoroughly cleansed, it was lovely.
    Thanks oh wise and luscious skinned one!

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – You are so cute my Aussie friend! Thanks! Yes, I have a more clinical daily beauty regimen (Mary Kay all the way), but sometimes, I like to ban the preservatives/chemicals and go natural with home treatments. I get alot of compliments on my skin (which is weird considering the amount of skin damage I suffered when I was younger) – but trust me, I have my bad skin days too. Sometimes with beauty regimens – “less is often more”…I also find internal cleansing and de-stressing essential for that healthy glow (oh my….aren’t we girls high maintenance!?). I hope your Reiki session and sea-salt bath help!

  3. Yummy! I’m going to try the olive oil and lavender this weekend. I too love skin treatments with olive oil in them – it’s such a wonderful emoillent (sp?). The other treatments sound great too, and how wonderful that most people have all of these things at their fingertips anyway. You clever girl, you.

  4. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – Thank you (re: clever girl bit). I thought of your Mediterranean heritage when I wrote about the olive oil treatment! I too have a few “southern” genes and my skin soaks up the ancient healing vibration of the olive oil. Plus, lavender has such a relaxing effect on me too (thank goodness for my lavender and flax eye pillow…).

    I hope you enjoy your little “spa-ahhhhhh” break! Cheers!

  5. Well POO to you two! I have an Italian father and still ended up with my 5 generation removed Scottish skin that whimpers when I walk past a candle, burns when I just contemplate going outside, and melts off my face in charred clumps when I tilt my sagacious head to the sun for some warmth.
    (I told you had a tendency towards drama, right?? THOSE Italian genes I got!!)
    😉 x

  6. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne! You are awesome (“melts in charred clumps”)! Lol! So you have “drama” and “passion” with your Sco-talian roots (love it). Sounds like an irresistible combination to me. But, I have to admit something though – not everything is all roses with this girlie. I burn quite readily too! I “burn-on-burn” as mum says (suffering 2nd degree sun-burn as a child, I need to be extremely careful with the sun). I have some “Northern” genes too which balances out that Mediterranean-ness. So, I battle with a ruddy complexion from time to time – and it sucks – but it could be worse….

  7. poseidonsmuse

    Ok…I’m having Avatar issues too – stupid wordpress….

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