Transient Thoughts…

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

— Mother Teresa


9 responses to “Transient Thoughts…

  1. Oh beautiful. She’s one of my all time most loved heroines 🙂
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – Isn’t that a nice quote? Thought you’d like that one….[hugs].

  3. PM: I’ve been having this ongoing blog discussion with an undergrad student in India lately regarding the meaning of life (now THAT’S a deep subject, eh?) – In a nutshell, he’s been feeling the typical 20 year old’s anxiety about what he’s supposed to do and pondering the “is that all there is?” question. My answers to him have been that life isn’t one big grand thing, but a series of small acts that build on each other over time – and the more positive acts you put in the cookie jar of life, the better it will be for yourself and for the people whose lives you touch. Anyway, that’s what this quote said to me – that life is big sea full of small drops of day to day interactions. What a neat quote from a marvelous woman!

    PS: Migraine gone! Perhaps menopause is sneaking up on me after all.
    PSS: Emailed you info on my potter friend. Did you receive it?

  4. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – That is a marvellous interpretation of the quote! Thank you for your wisdom! As far as the meaning of life goes – I agree with you wholeheartedly – people can get rather bogged down with their thoughts about life and their role in the Universe. Living “in the now” is just as important as “tending your garden for the future.” Little do we realize how important our individual roles are in the larger network of life – we can certainly influence each other in rather profound ways with the simplest of gestures, don’t you think? Day to day acts of individual support and kindness go a long way to building communities that are empowered with loving spirit. I have learned to listen to the Universe – it really does speak to us – the affirmations are all around if you are grounded and tuned into that vibration.

    I’m glad to hear that your migraine is gone and I will check my e-mail to learn more about your potter friend. Thanks again for your words!

  5. OB, that is a wonderful interpretation. Glad your migraine is gone. You two really are totally gorgeous, you know that?

  6. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – You are part of that “gorgeous-ness” too! Goddesses rule!

  7. Aw Simonne, that was nice! You’re the gorgeous one, you know. Aw heck, we’re all gorgeous. Goddesses DO rule!

  8. Yep! 🙂 Thanks Loves!

    OB – can I steal aw heck?! I don’t think I’ve EVER heard anyone say that! It’s funny!

  9. poseidonsmuse

    You ladies are rather amazing….thanks for being in my life [grin…]!!!!!

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