The Cutest “Foodie” in Hollywood (no spoilers here!)


He’s got to be the tiniest (and cutest) “foodie” in Hollywood this summer.  He’s grey, he’s cute, and he can cook!  He’s Remy from Pixar’s “Ratatouille”, and if you haven’t seen him in action yet, you need to make a date with someone you enjoy and hit the theatres – soon!  This is quite simply the best movie that I have seen all summer!  Oh yeah, and don’t forget to take the kids too (if you have ’em) because they will fall in love with this “Little Chef.”  

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I saw an animated movie that actually made me “taste” all of my emotions.  I laughed (hysterically), pondered, mused and even teared up at one point (all within two hours!).  Pixar’s graphics are also quite stunning and you absolutely get mesmerized by the enchanting storyline and “digital set” of this movie.  So there you have it – my raving, albeit shameless, plug for a great movie.  What are you waiting for?  Get out there and meet this little cutie!



5 responses to “The Cutest “Foodie” in Hollywood (no spoilers here!)

  1. Oo, oo, I’m glad you’re raving because I really wanted to see it (not out here yet) and wasn’t sure if it would be as good as I was hoping! Yeah!

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – Good morning Sunshine! You slept well last night – you chipper little thing you! Yeah, the movie was that good – two thumbs up from this “foodie!” Have a great day!

  3. Ken loves animation! This sounds like it would be a great movie to escape the summer heat with. Besides, I love ratatouille.

  4. Hee, yes I did sleep well actually! Went to bed holding my clear quartz, and woke up with it still in my hand with my hand tucked under my sore hip!
    Have a lovely night!

  5. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – It was an amazing movie – you will LOVE it! Guaranteed. I know – I’m making a big claim here, but it really was that good.

    Simonne – Are you an Atlantean (?), you cute little crystal healer you…!?

    Ladies – Thanks for the morning hugs – I love waking up to some morning notes in the ol’ comment box – Makes my day!

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