Smiley Face Traffic

This snippet of a post is dedicated to smiley face pictures… this one….m0tkmkkc.gif

Most of my traffic (believe it or not), is due to people looking for smiley faces (well it can’t be my faceless good looks or writing that’s attracting the traffic!). 

I get up to 30 hits a day for people looking for smiley face icons. 

“Smiley face icons!”

I know.  Weird (but, from time to time, I’ve gone looking for them too).

“And when you want a smiley face icon, you want a flipping smiley face icon!” 

So – here’s a link to some very cool smiley faces – Thank George Rabe for these….jeesh….now go and get a smiley face already!



4 responses to “Smiley Face Traffic

  1. poseidonsmuse

    tee hee hee! 🙂

  2. lol i did actually come looking for a smiley picture!!!! Weird eh??? lolzzz just needed one for my recent post 😀 oh thanks 4 the icons!!!!

  3. poseidonsmuse

    Shai – Thanks for dropping in….grab that smiley face and fun with it!!! Cheers 🙂

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