M – L Favourites

Alright.  I hate being half-assed so I have to finish the crappy alphabetised “Favourites” list that I started a couple of days ago.  Here goes nothing:

M – Marmalade.  Sweet, amber citrus that dazzles so brilliantly in the sun…[my taste buds are tingling just thinking about it….].  Musings.  There’s another good “M” favourite.  Oooh….and then there’s Men/Man….Now I’m a “m”-arvelling “m”-ermaid [Ok, now really, you need to stop PM….please].

N – Naan bread?  Night-time?  Ninjas?

O – [keep it clean PM…keep it clean].  Origami.  Yes.  Perfectly folded, bright bits of paper.  Cranes, frogs, trees….”Yes!”

P – [good grief….my mind is in the gutter this morning].  Painting.  Yes.  Perfectly folded, bright bits of paper (um, erm, I mean – canvas – brightly painted canvas).  Whew!  That was a close one!

Q – “Quoi?” Q-tips?  Quail?  Quality? [grrrr….the letter “Q” is just so….weird].

R – Raspberries.

S – Sting.  As in Gordon Thomas Matthew Sumner.  Ashtanga-yoga man and musical genius.

T – Tibet.  Another destination on my “1000 Places to See Before I Die” list [morbid, I know, but remember that bloody INTP personality (or was that a P-I-N-T personality!?)] [I have to stop laughing at all of my stupid jokes too – damnit…. How can you tell I’m bored out of my skull?).  Oh, and there’s another “T” word that I want to blog about soon (take a guess – think – balance, chakras, energy and the blending of anima and animus……OMMMMMMmmmmm).

U – Ugh….Um….Uh…..!

V – Venus.  The goddess and all things pertaining to the shape of the “V” or the “Sacred Feminine.”

W – (Hey, this is essentially a Goddess-Double-Whammy!)

X – X-rays? Xylophones? XXX?

Y – Yoga.  Ashtanga to be precise. Bakasana is my favourite pose.  I know…..[eeek]….but it can be done (“Head, meet hardwood floor – hardwood floor, meet head”  Oh yah…..it “only” took me two years to perfect that puppy).  Now Dwi Pada Sirsasana is….just….yeah….we won’t go there.

Z – ZZZZZZzzzzz’s (sleeping Z’s) and this little guy – have you heard about him yet?  Meet Eclyse, the Zorse.  Wow!

Thanks for tuning in (or out)!  [Enough of the lists for now PM….grrrrrr…..]


12 responses to “M – L Favourites

  1. That is one wacky looking zebra. I hope the other zebras don’t make fun of him.

    I’m short & sweet on the comments today, but I’ll probably come back tonight to revisit this list…

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – No comment is too short! Yeah, that Zebra is pretty funky looking. I hope you had a great 4th of July celebration!

  3. OK, as promised (and let’s see if I can do this in the 8 minutes left until The Office).. Begin!

    M – M&M’s. Really too simple.
    N – Nightgowns. Comfortable, simple. Oh, and comfortable.
    O- The Office (love that Dwight)
    P- Pajamas (again, the comfort thing)
    Q- Nothing. I got nothing for Q.
    R- Rock and Roll! Stupid riddles.
    S – Spearmint anything
    T- iced Tea
    U- My pretty Monet Umbrella (guaranteed that a man will never steal my umbrella)
    V- Voile
    X- Xanadu
    Y- Yikes, I’m running out of time!
    Z-Zamboni. Just because I like saying that word.

    And I’m outta here! (love that Dwight).

  4. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – You Rock! Wow, all that in 8 minutes?! (it took me 25…humpff….). Must be that brainy INTP personality of yours (wait a minute, I’m an INTP too….).

    Alright. What’s the deal? It’s got to be The Office! Ah ha….you are an Office freak and that was your inspiration to fly through the list….(the BBC version rocks too, by the way….). Enjoy!

    ps. The Monet Umbrella sounds lovely….oh, and I love riddles too!!!!! We’ll have to work on that one…..

  5. Hmm, raspberries 🙂
    We are such soul sisters PM. My boss has modelled her buisness philosophy on the sacred V, she rocks, I’ll tell you about that some other time..
    Can you really do that crazy yoga pose?! Wow!!!
    You should have gone with the ‘O’ and ‘P’ that were in your head, by the way!! All this talk on both our blogs is making me antsy! hee!

  6. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – LOL (big belly laugh….). [gosh, I love belly laughs – I’ve had alot of them lately!!!]. Yes! We are soul sisters aren’t we (“Where’s Observant….?”). I must say, I would love to hear more about your friend’s sacred V philosophy at some point. As far as the “crotch-by-your-neck-and-feet-behind-your-head-yoga-pose-goes” – yeah, well…..”Hell no!” – I could get there (only 3/4 of the way) once and I needed alot of warming up and lubricating to do it (Gosh, I’m such a fricking pervert….teee heee heee). I know – about the “O” and “P” thing – next time, I’m not holding back…..damnit!

    Speaking of antsy…..Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Grrrr….

  7. I am so missing out on the dirty talk here! Almost put “my vagina” down for the V word! Now I see that maybe I should have considered it. I’m curious about the lubrication needed to to the yoga pose (alcohol? KY?) I’d also like to hear some more of Simonne’s boss’s business philosophy. That sounds really fascinating. Simonne, you should blog about it sometime.

    Yes, I’m a bit of an “Office” fanatic. Liked the BBC version and was really apprehensive about the US trying to do their own, but it’s great.

    I had the most bizarre sex dream the other night: Nutshell version:
    Sex w/man I know who I am NOT atttracted to (swear), who happens to be the father of the young man that works in our warehouse (who happens to have the exact same voice as his dad). Are you with me?
    Fast forward to next day (not part of the dream): Warehouse guy has left the building w/o telling me. I’m looking for him. Phone rings. Voice says “did you miss me?”
    I spend a few seconds thinking it was the dream sex guy before realizing it was his son. It was kind of odd and icky at the same time.

    OK, enough of the sex talk! Get back to work!

  8. Gosh guys, I’m blushing. 🙂
    INFP representing.

    Venus (observant’s cousin)

  9. poseidonsmuse

    V – Oh my! You are rather lovely! INFP too?! Blushes welcome anytime….Seriously? Observant’s cousin?

    Thanks for making me part of the “family.”

    You ladies are incredible…..

    By the way “V”, I’m gonna blog-roll ya….grrrrrr……

  10. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – Actually – “Astroglide” is more appropriate for Dwi Pad Sirsasana (aka, the-crotch-by-the-head-and-legs-behind-the-neck position)! Might get a little slippery on that yoga mat though [schluuccccck…..smack…..slurp….] [grin]

    I know – we have been getting a little pervie around here lately (you aren’t missing anything – I guess us pervies are finding the “pervieness” in any and all that we read these days…I’m speaking for myself here!). Guess there’s nothing wrong with adding some “cayenne pepper” to the mix now and then….!

    Lol! Your sex dream sounds rather intriguing too…Gotta love those random acts of sexy dreaminess….wow, our brains can take us to bizarre places, yes?! By the way – do these guys have sexy voices? Grrrrrrr…….

  11. Phewee! So hot in here, my clothes just fell right off my body…
    Ok, not quite! 😉

  12. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – I know. I melted yesterday….wow! This little puddle of wax needs a “PM” mould before she can accomplish anything today. Whooosh….!

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