Poseidon’s Pet…

“Poseidon……?!” PM calls out expectantly.

“Yes, my dear, what is it?” Poseidon says calmly, continuing to read “The Daily Aquatic.”

“Um….I think you forgot to latch the kennel door again!” PM answers in an anxious voice.

“Are you sure?!” Poseidon blurts.

“Um, Yes.  It seems as though I can’t find Squidgie…” PM looks around the “reef”, searching frantically.

“Oh crap!  Not again….”


5 responses to “Poseidon’s Pet…

  1. Raucous sexual behaviour eh?! Goodness!
    Poor Squidgie!

  2. Oh my, the mental picture of raucous sexual behavior between two squds is now burned into my brain!

  3. poseidonsmuse

    I know! I can’t even keep my “Scientific Discovery” posts “clean”. Good grief! What next? Octopus sex? Coelocanth sex?

  4. Hmmmm, octopus sex….. (Homer like drool)

    Oh dear, I think I need a lie down!

  5. poseidonsmuse

    I’ve literally “got nuthin’…!” Too funny…! [grin]

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