The Galaxy Tamer

Alright.  This is why I listen to BBC Radio 4 in the morning.  I found out that Mr. Gordon Sumner (Sting) sacked his chef because she was pregnant.  He was ordered to pay her 25 000 (oh, where’s that silly “pounds” symbol?) for gender discrimination.  Grrr….Anyways, double that number and he (essentially) has to pay 50 000 CDN to this lady.  Serves him right in my opinion.  Now, I’m sure, as he mourns the absence of gourmet tofu from his dinner table, he’ll ramble into a soulful rendition of “Can’t Stand Losing You…”

Now, the hosts of “Home Planet” are discussing questions regarding the planet and the natural world.  Urm, I’m only on my first cup of coffee and my brain is throbbing now (Uncle Spock would be disappointed).  Anyways, the hosts are discussing the theoretical number of galaxies surrounding our very own (millions) and the shapes of these galaxies (spiral, lenticular, etc.).  A plea is being made to “amateur-internet-astronomers” to contribute information to this “Galaxy Zoo.”  Hmmm…I wonder if they need a “Galaxy Tamer” for this “Galaxy Zoo?”  I could imagine myself in a “stellar” outfit, whip in hand as I order the Milky Way to contort into bizarre shapes.  Hm….sounds like a great plot for a Dr. Who episode (David Tennant watch out!).

I think the heat of summer is getting to me….!


5 responses to “The Galaxy Tamer

  1. Ha! I can just imagine you in a Trekkie outfit and a whip! PM, you could change your name to Mistress of the Universe.

  2. Oh, and Sting sucks.

    He’s just a big fat nothing without Stewart Copeland (one of the finest R&R drummers of all time) and Andy Summers.

    Oh, and did I mention that Sting sucks?

  3. poseidonsmuse

    You are hilarious Observant! Yes, I have a thing for whips, don’t I? “Mistress of the Universe” Tee hee hee….I love it! I should really figure out how many times I have alluded to them in my blog. Maybe I have some repressed tendencies…

    Oh, and I agree with you on the Sting bit. I still think he’s cute, but yes, he sucks (it really hurts to say that). I agree about the Steward Copeland and Andy Summers bit too. Sting should stick to lute music. Lute. “Sting – what were you thinking Mr. Ashtanga yoga man?” I think I’ll crush on David Tennant for a while….

    Glad you’re back Observant. Good to have your wit back at the site!

  4. Mistress of the Universe? Oh, nothing, I just wanted to say it out loud!

  5. poseidonsmuse

    Lol! “Crackkkk!” [whip flicks in the air…].

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