Summer Music…

Ok.  I can’t help myself from sharing some of my favourite summer music with you.  Since music is probably the next best thing (besides “scent”) attached to memory – I’ll have to share some of my summer memories with you too….

Are you “feeling” the theme as you “surf” my favourites!?  Gosh, I’m predictable…Handel would be proud of my aquatic Big Three (“Water Music”  anyone?  Going once, going twice….):

Martha and the Muffins – “Are you kidding me?”  “I kid you not…”  My favourite song by this 80’s band must be “Echo Beach”.  I remember listening to this as I cruised the California coastline a few years ago on a road-trip.  Wow!  I got vertigo on those windy roads.  Phew!  Had to stop and rest my Gravol-laden head on a pillow in my trusty MEC tent that evening (if you’re Canadian, you can extoll the virtues of MEC’s Snowfield Katabatic tents….pure nylon perfection….worthy of the highest summits).  Anyways, the crash of the surf put me to sleep that evening….Incredible!

The Beachboys – Um, these “boys” don’t require an introduction.  This is quintessential summer music in my opinion.  I particularly LOVE “Good Vibrations”  (seriously, this is my favourite song…).  The perfect music to enjoy a cold ice-cream with your sweetie.  Drive in theatres, road-side diners….Can you say CLASSIC!!!!!?  I was born 30 years too late.  “Where is my surfboard Poseidon….?”  My aquatic sugar-daddy must be asleep…

Honeymoon Suite – Hmmm…another one of those “big hair” 80’s bands.  I know.  They are Canadian, so some of my International friends may not have heard of them.  “Wave Babies” is a fantastic song.  The rhythm of the (oh yes…get this….) synthesizer (I know…how 80’s!) is rather reminiscent of a rolling wave.  I recall listening to this as a young adolescent, lakeside, as my friend and I tanned our pale butts under a hot, transient, Northern sun.  We had a “floating island” that year at the cottage – complete with an inflatable palm tree!  I remember a certain “crush” on a certain wind-surfer that made a point of skimming by on occasion….Ah, the innocence of youth (I wonder if he had “pie” on his mind?!  Lol!).  Sorry – inside joke – you’ll need to refer to the comments on my Mango post.

Now I have an image of Handel (some musical dead-guy) catching the surf of a rolling wave…Too funny!  Maybe Poseidon and I can show him a move or two on our “Surfin Safari….”  Woo hoo! 

Keep up with me here people (TBB get me hyper!!!!)…..

Surf’s up baby…!  SWOOSH!



9 responses to “Summer Music…

  1. I didn’t listen to “secular” music from ages 13 – 30 so I completely missed the Big Hair era. I’ve spent the last 10 years trying to catch up. Water Music – the Pisces in me is intriqued. The name alone makes me want to check out some Martha and the Muffins.

  2. OK, I’m going to check out Martha and the Muffins and Honeymoon Suite. Back later for my reaction.

  3. Honeymoon Suite – Very Foreigner! Wave Babies has that perfect summer boy-watching sound to it.

    Martha and the Muffins – Jangly 80’s new wave. Love that organ!

    Beach Boys – Nothing needs to be said. Pure perfection.


    Here’s a couple of my favorite summer songs;

    Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty. Heard this ad nauseam the summer of 1977 (or was it 1978?). Reminds me of sleeping in a tent on the beach in Corpus Christi.

    Boys of Summer – Don Henley. This one makes me happy and sad at the same time. There’s a story there and someday I’ll tell it.

    Talk to you Later – The Tubes. Summer/New love/long kisses/hours and hours of sex/singing along to this song at the top of our lungs.

  4. poseidonsmuse

    V – I imagine that it would take some time to catch up with the secular genre. Funny thing. I was a pop Diva growing up, and now I’ve basically turned into a pop Hermit [“Ar, matie, give me some Indie!” – wait a minute, that’s a pirate…Anyways….!]. I tend to select more Indie music now more than ever – but the good memories (the old ones) are still linked to the radio…

    ps. The Pisces in “you” WOULD love Handel’s “Water Music” (the Pisces in me sure does!!!).

    Observant – Wow! Thanks for taking the time to check out some of my fave tunes! I am very, very familiar with Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street – I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!! Boys of Summer is also a very good one (I’d love to hear about the significance of that song one day…). Talk to You Later is also quite upbeat too (sexy and fun – as you say).

    Nevermind the water theme – it’s all about “The Boys” isn’t it? [Sigh]….Gosh. I adore men…! [especially “one” – wink…]

    “Close my eyes
    She’s somehow closer now
    Softly smile, I know she must be kind
    When I look in her eyes
    She goes with me to a blossom world…”

    “Good vibrations, indeed!”

    Cheers Ladies!!!!

  5. You’re a crack up girl!
    I’ve never heard of Honeynoon Suite, will have to check it out. I can’t stand the Beach Boys!! SORRY! They’re so nasaly!
    I’m boring! It’s classical and Tori Amos (almost exclusively!) on my iPod! Maybe I need some educating!! I’m seeing Tori in September, can’t wait! It’s been over a year since I last saw her live! 🙂

  6. poseidonsmuse

    TBBs ARE nasaly, aren’t they? Hmm…hadn’t noticed before (and you are far from boring…!). I literally listen to EVERYTHING! If they gave an award for eclectic music listening – I might be “runner up.” Or, perhaps, my ears (being the INTP type that I am), simply enjoy that musical bio-hazard zone (I haven’t figured out my musical tastes yet but they tend towards the typically upbeat and uplifting).

    I’m one of those people that categorises their music listening by category – (ie. “my activity at the time”). I have music for writing, gardening, working, playing, driving, singing, dancing, hanging out, cooking, just “being” and of course….sex. That, in itself, would make for an interesting post one day. What would classify as a good sex song/music? Hmmm…something downtempo and seductive…”Samba Tranquille” by Thievery Corporation is quite sexy and smooth, but upbeat…Like chocolate ice-cream with chunks of chocolate and cherries….Ok…there I go again….darnit!

  7. I love Theivery Corporation! How about some Sade for sex music?

  8. poseidonsmuse

    There’s something very sensual about Thievery Corporation, yes? “Indra” is also nice – off of The Mirror Conspiracy cd.

    “Smooth Operator” and “Sweetest Taboo…” are my faves…!!! Excellent music. I have Sade’s Greatest Hits’ cd…she is fantastically smooth. Buttery smooth in fact…

    So much music and so little “time” [tee hee hee]. We are terrible aren’t we? I tell you – we would make one heck of a coquette-ish “Tour de Force” if we ever assaulted the male species together! [grin].

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