You’ve Been “Simpson-ized”….


You too, can get your own (very “Marmalade-y Special”) Simpsons Avatar.  To become an honourary citizen of Springfield you must click here. (mmm….doughnuts…..slurp…..gurgle….drool…..).

Have Fun!


5 responses to “You’ve Been “Simpson-ized”….

  1. That was heaps of fun! (But I can’t seem to get my avatar out of Simpson land and into Muse land!)

  2. Love the fishy on the tshirt, Muse! You little Simpsonesque water baby, you.

  3. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – I had trouble (at first too)….You need to download the image as a JPEG first (from the Simpson’s site), then save to your hard-drive. Then, you can load it up into the browser part of WordPress…Let me know if you have any other troubles (and I’ll help you out!). They are fun – aren’t they? Can’t wait to see how yours turns out!!!!

    Observant! – Yay! I thought you would like the three eyed fish! I am such a water baby, aren’t I? Too funny….! It was either that or a doughnut…(the doughnut was tempting…!!!!!).

  4. Thanks Muse, will give it a go! (have just slunk to the PC while cleaning and cooking and getting ready for a dinner party we’re hosting tonight so some of our friends can meet before the wedding. Chris is out running errands and I just had to check in on the Goddess club! Does that consitute an addiction? I think so!)

  5. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – From one marmalade-addicted goddess to another…it is OK! Let us know how everything went with the party and preparations!!!

    Thinking of you….[hugs].

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