Thoughts on Thoreau…”Going Outside”

Hmmm….a “dark wood”, “going outside”, expressing yourself to the world in the midst of your own fears…These were just a few of the thoughts that permeated my mind after reading Ruby’s post yesterday.  Undoubtedly, everyone’s answer to this question will be quite different based on the life experiences and perceptions.  Ruby – you did an excellent job of writing about one word (ie. “outside”) in a few minutes too, by the way (impressive….thank you).

So, what does the term “going outside” mean for me?  Well, a number of things…to name just a few:

1.  The literal – As described by Ruby.  I am a very outdoorsey kind of lady.  I ground myself and my energy in nature.  Thus a walk, hike or jaunt through a park or nearby wood/or quiet mountain path is a necessity for me to “reset my gears” so to speak.  When I was a child, my mom could be frequently heard telling this energetic child (and my sibling) to “get outside and burn some of that energy…!”  I still do that to this very day (“I get outside and burn some energy!” but I also “Get outside to gather some energy too!”  Lol!).  A walk along a river or mountainside is just what this soul needs to reconnect, reattune and realize.  I also find that many answers to some of my life’s questions have come from these Thoreau-esque walks.  I am a walker by nature.

2.  The figurative – Like most people, I challenge myself quite regularly by stepping “outside of myself.”  I have found it a challenge to balance my INTP personality type (fusing my need to be introverted, self-aware and rational with a need to be “feeling”, extroverted and outgoing so that I am connected and useful to the energy of the Universe).  I guess this means that I have had to learn how to balance (and enjoy) being a contradiction to myself!  Thus stepping “outside of myself” is almost a daily, regular occurrence for me!  I’m not sure if this makes any sense to anyone!  I used to find myself confusing.  An enigma.  Now, I have learned to love that enigmatic part of myself.  I tune into my own unique rhythm and listen to myself – and when “myself” says that it’s time to “step outside myself.”  I do. 

What does “going outside” of myself mean for me?  Well, lately, it has involved both an internal (“going inside”) and external (“going outside”) process (an emotional and mental “detox” of sorts).  Like others that are on a spiritual journey, I find myself having to delve deep within myself (beyond the scars and wounds) to the pit of my negative emotions and feelings (pain, anger, fear, desire and sorrow to name just a few).  I acquaint myself with these “critters” and allow myself a chance to familiarize myself with their “natural history” (origins, habits and evolution).  Then, I allow myself to set them free until all that is left is peace, love, understanding, happiness and bliss.  The process has allowed me to see myself as a filter of types…thus, I understand the importance of purging oneself of the toxins result from human drama (which is essentially projected and perceived reality – an illusion that I have fed into).  This process of cleansing has allowed me to draw much more positive energy in my life (because there is more room now that the negativity is disappearing!).  I feel like I can direct my energy a little more effectively now.  However, I do realize that the process is ongoing, difficult and I have MUCH to learn…but it’s a definite start for me.

So, if you read through this excerpt, I thank you for your time, your interest and your compassion.  I wish you well on your own spiritual journey (we have a wonderful Goddess community and some very attuned male-folk too!).  There is a seeker in everyone (male and female).  Some of our lights are brighter than others, but we ALL have the capability of helping to light each other’s flames.  We ALL have light and wisdom to share with one another.  We are gifts to one another.


-Poseidon’s Muse

ps.  Thanks again Ruby…

11 responses to “Thoughts on Thoreau…”Going Outside”

  1. Wow, you sure did a good job with this topic and I’m so glad you went in depth with it. You spoke much more eloquently than I and expressed much of what and how I feel.

    This is beautiful writing and a beautiful insight into the person you are.

    Thank you for sharing your light and your life with me, with us.

    Namaste back my friend.

    Peace, love and understanding!~

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Thank you for your kind words Ruby (you have such a brilliant way of expressing yourself too – and I always enjoy reading your words).

    You are one amazing lady – that’s a fact. Your presence in my life has made my “seeker lantern” that much brighter and luminous. Your courage, your words and your ability to articulate yourself empower everyone around you…

    Thank you for being the powerful and strong goddess that you are…


  3. Muse, what a kindred spirit you are. I’ve always felt that contradiction that you talk about in myself too. And like you, it’s really only been in my 30s where it all seems to be falling into place. I feel so much more at peace in my body. I used to feel like I just inhabiting it for a while and never quite at home there, you know? Interesting, I had a session with my Spiritual healer on friday, which was amazing – she did a past life regression to a when I was a French aristocratic woman who became a feminist and went underground to help underpriveldged women and got betrayed by a woman and sold into prostition – was amazing with such parallels to this life! The next day I had a psychic reading with my clairvoyant that I haven’t seen in a year and the difference in my energy (she commented) was quite remarkable. I’m finally clearing away all the ‘junk’ and loving (and living) who I truly am.
    Much love to you and Ruby and all the Goddesses in the Goddess Club xxx

  4. Going outside – means getting over limitations, expanding when it is clearly impossible to everyone’s mind including your own, however making the impossible possible is nothing more than a shift in energy. The mind and the world we create is real. Going outside means getting over blaming that which is outside, and inside for that matter and making the shift to higher orientation and vision with-in. It is difficult to go outside because matters just pop up, so there maybe a looming fear to go outside of ones limits. Going outside is not like a snake shedding skin or hair growing… going outside is a deliberate act. “Rise up my love my fair one and come away, and I will give you rest. -Bible. To be given rest is for sure, but we must rise up, that takes going outside of our current limitations. Dr. Evol

  5. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne and Dr. Evol – Thank you for your comments – I will take some time after returning from my morning appointment(s) to respond to your comments. Thank you both!

  6. Hmm, I just responded to Ruby’s post but had another thought which I may write about in my next post. This subject really got me thinking about something sort of related, but not absolutely on-topic. I’m glad you wrote about it as I think I also understand your paradox about being a natural introvert but needing that outside world to feel balanced. I really limit my outside world contact, but need to have it in order to feel righted in my head – otherwise I’m also off-balance. Coming to work is my break from internalization, although I’m pretty isolated here too, but it’s somewhere else and that helps. Sometimes just getting in the car and driving, or going for a walk works too.

    Question: Have you heard of a CD called 1 Giant Leap? I thought about you last night while watching the 1GL documentary on Ovation. It’s a great world music CD with a concept of world togetherness and I think you’d probably like it. It’s one of my favorites.

  7. Simonne – Thank you for sharing that with us Simonne. We are kindred spirits, aren’t we?! Yes, I would have to agree with you on feeling like I was having an “out of body experience” in my younger years (like I really wasn’t that comfortable inside of myself). The thing is…I think I really was sure that I loved myself enough to make a “home of myself” and find my soul purpose, but I knew I didn’t have enough life experience to make that possible (plus, adolescence and young adulthood are such awkward stages)…Does that make sense? Sometimes, I think we need something to “jolt” us into awareness. Apparently the thirties are an important time for awakenings…the number 3 is a very powerful number. I should post about that some time. Thanks for your words. Hugs my Goddess friend….

  8. Dr. Evol – Thanks for stopping by – I visited your site and found it rather interesting (I blogrolled you too, if you don’t mind…). I liked your line “going outside is a deliberate act.” I couldn’t agree with you more. “Going outside” of one-self means taking an inventory of your feelings, limits and working to break-down such encumbrances such that we might expand and grow. The act of soul expansion (is that even a term?) takes courage too (working from within)! Once you are comfortable with “who” you are (being and non-being), we must be comfortable with presenting ourselves to the Universe (for acceptance and love). I stand with my arms outstretched, looking up into the clouds (beyond the clouds to the Divine….). “Here I am…”


  9. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – Thank you for your words. Yes. I think it is so important to seek that balance between being an introvert and an extrovert. I guess that is what attracts me to the “Blogosphere.” It allows me to dip into the collective conscious of like-minded humanity (our community), but gives me freedom to express myself too (in an extroverted way – in addition to my physical extroverted life). Also, as I find myself journeying along my spiritual path, I am attracted to (and attracting) many unique people (we are all likely experiencing this – given our “seeker” tendencies).

    It seems as though a wonderful and eclectic menagerie of souls are gathering together to watch a Universal sun-rise (this sun-rise has been gathering Ancient energy for some time now…). Everyone in this community (including our community of spiritual beings) – are standing in these warming rays of light. I feel privileged to be a part of this phenomenon…

    Oh! And I searched out 1 Giant Leap on iTunes and listened to a few tracks — I bought it in a heartbeat!!! Thank you for that recommendation (good reviews all round). A fantastic CD about Universality and togetherness…..Hugs.

  10. Somehow I just knew you’d like that album, you little indie-girl, you. I’m always sooo happy to find the right person to recommend a favorite to! Hugs back.

  11. poseidonsmuse

    Observant – Since purchasing the album from iTunes, I have listened to it about 10 times already. The rhythm and message of each song put me in such a special place. My heart literally sings when I connect with the music. Thanks again Sister – you are Incredible!

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