A Sense of Responsibility…

The open dialogue on topics of spirituality had me thinking about the topic of “spiritual responsibility” lately.  And, although I am very pleased to share bits and pieces about my spiritual journey with others (because I love and I care openly), I have also considered that I need to remain judicious and careful in these discussions (ie. remain balanced and unattached) – hence the concept of spiritual responsibility.  From my experience, I believe that it is important to be “aware” and “conscious” of words, thoughts and intentions because these aspects manifest into reality….

“What do I mean by the term ‘Spiritual Responsibility’?”  you may be asking.  I guess, I mean to say that I believe that everyone has their own Truth and their own way of discovering that Truth (what may be the “path” for you, may not work or apply for others – and the triggers and destination of that path can vary too).  I know that other definitions of the term exist, but this is my humble interpretation.  The journey of spiritual discovery and awakening must come from “within” a person.  This needs to be a deliberate and conscious process (although the subconscious is an important aspect of our development) for that individual, if it is to be genuine and meaningful.  And, although, external influences (other people, literature, experiences) can certainly shape and mould our development – we are ultimately the filters of our own discovery and we need to be able to “feel” and perceive the differences between positive energy (that which will promote growth and awareness) from negative energy (that which restricts us and impedes our growth).  Thus, we need to be responsible in our thoughts, intentions and actions towards ourselves and others.  Sometimes too much “knowledge” can harm.  We also need to be able to “assimilate” and “feel” our journey as well.

So, as with any journey, I have considered that there are certainly “dangers” along the path of spiritual awakening (not “trolls” or crazy “magicians”, but you get the point!).  There are dangers of placing implicit faith in people, objects or activities that cause us to become attached.  I once found myself delving into oracle readings and Tarot readings almost daily at one point, instead of allowing my feelings, perception and intuition to guide me.  Now, I am finding that it is important to practise the art of “non-attachment” – because much can be attained by simply “letting go” of compulsive thoughts, negative desires, fears and emotions (I use oracles to “guide” now, I don’t use them to provide me with “answers”).  In addition, I also believe that there are dangers of opening yourself up to people that may not have the best intentions (be wary of the extremes = people claiming to have all the answers and be wary of people that ask too many questions).  Sometimes the most spiritual people that I have encountered in life say very little.  When you are grounded, attuned and aware, there is very little to say, wouldn’t you agree?.  It is just important to “Be.”


10 responses to “A Sense of Responsibility…

  1. I agree.I think the answer with all things is balance. There is a time to share and at time to be still. I have had many teachers along my path and I’m thankful that they were impressed to share their enlightenment with me. And I also agree some of my greatest teachers have been silent ones. We aren’t all on the same place in our journeys and and we always need to be sensitive to that. For myself astrology is just one tool I have used to gain understanding, but I ultimately know that God is guiding my path and that my path has already been layed out. That generally gives me the peace to just “Be”

  2. Love this Muse. It’s a hard one I think, the level with which you verbalise your beliefs and the stage at which you are at. I have held back in my beliefs for such a long time and then realised that by never verbalising my truths I wasn’t being totally authentic and I was limiting my capacity to manifest as well as to teach. One of my life purposes is to teach and so I can’t be too internal anymore. I so agree that we are the filters of our own reality and spiritual growth, but when people seek out a teacher, especially people who can’t express themselves like we are so blessed to be able to do, they need some sort of guidance. As much as I’ve tried to avoid this role, it keeps coming back to me. I’ve had so many dodgy experienes with so called spititual healers and now rejoice in the day that I walked away from it all, went underground into myself and got my own answers through my own guides and Angels. That took a long time, but I came out of it a much more balanced being with a much greater understanding of how Spirit works. I feel very blessed to have in my life an amazing healer and a very balanced reader I go to once a year now.
    I know that my book is going to ruffle some feathers! It’s taken me so long to acknowledge that some of us are here to shake things up a bit (ie my feminism passion!) and for me to accept that not everyone is going to respond postively to me. It’s such a hard balance, as all of this is so personal. I did a reading for Bill the other day and felt so priviledged to do so, and on the other hand so very humbled.
    Anyway, I’m rambling. This is a great post Goddess xx

  3. poseidonsmuse

    V – Your words affirm your Goddess wisdom to me. You are becoming a wise and powerful woman and healer (I can sense this from your energy and words V). Thank you for sharing that part of yourself with me (us). It is wonderful having you in my “inner circle.” Just “being” is an incredible gift. It is wise to seek balance and find pleasure in each moment…

  4. Thanks PM that means a lot to me. I’m so thankful to OB for letting me in on this group of amazing, like-minded women. I’m feel like each one of you has such great wisdom to offer and I’m really enjoying soaking it up.

  5. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – Thank you for that well thought out and heartfelt response. I was hoping that you would provide us with some insight – given your circumstances. I agree with you completely. I do believe that we are meant to be a High Priestesses at times (and evaluate judiciously who/what we share with), but there are times when we need to be the giving Empress too (how Qaballah is that interpretation?!!! Lol!). Anyways, in certain circumstances, I think that perhaps, both are appropriate. Both “seats” offer us a chance to teach…On one hand, the High Priestess teaches us that we have the keys to unlock the doors ourselves (through seeking a relationship with ourselves and the Universe), while the Empress offers herself readily to those who ask for her help. Again, “Balance” between “keeping” (High Priestess) and “Giving” (The Empress) in the appropriate situation.

    You are a teacher – people gravitate to your energy and you seem to understand this difference rather intuitively. Hallelujah that you found your life purpose (you are NEEDED!!!). You feel it in the energy emitted from the people that surround you – and you know how to appropriately offer your wisdom (I am still honing this aspect of myself!). You have an incredible gift Simonne. In a loving community (especially a community of positive “seekers”) it is very appropriate to be that teacher and to offer your wisdom to others. And, the rest of the world needs that wisdom too – and I think that *you* are both strong enough and judicious enough to know how to disseminate that knowledge and wisdom to the world. Your book WILL be a success – because you are a Divine creation with positive intentions.

    I can’t wait to read your book!!!!

    Hugs Goddess and Sweet Dreams!

    (may the sacred feminine continue to shine upon you and inspire your thoughts and words…)

  6. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – ps. I too am surrounding myself with very positive, spiritual people (in my real world, as well as here in Cyberspace) – and this is making all of the difference. I am combining some very powerful energy work into my life right now and I am definitely feeling the benefits (so are the people/animals in my life too!!!). You can’t help but feel good about these positive changes and share your Light with others….!!!!

    I will talk about my energy work at some point…it is fascinating!

  7. Muse, I’m bawling! Thank you so much – for understanding me, for encouraging and supporting me and for hosting this space where we all feel so safe. I’m yet to find many friends in the flesh who are so like-minded. I’ve been calling them in, so I hope they come soon. So this space, like V articulated, is fast becoming quite the sanctuary for me, and interestingly, I feel like we’re slowly starting to trust and peel off the outer layers in front of each other. It seems to be happening here – hope you don’t mind!
    I’m looking forward to hearing about your energy work.
    So much love to you xx

  8. poseidonsmuse

    V – Thank you V. That means alot to me to hear/read you say/write that. You are part of this community now because you *belong* here. We have much to learn from one another. You are Venus afterall!

    Simonne – Awww….I wish I could give you a hug….Oh heck…Here it is {{{{{{{{{BIG HUG!!!!!}}}}}}}}}. Ah, that’s better. I agree with you on the “layer” bit too – I don’t mind one bit (although I tend to “strip” rather slowly….LOL!!!!). I always fancied myself an onion – a Vidalia perhaps — sweet and juicy!!!!

    Much love to both of you.

  9. OK. I missed this post completely yesterday. What to say though? I’ve been on a personal journey for 7 years which started with a tearing down process (disassembling the bad scaffolding) and an almost complete rebuild. The bad energy and negativity I was carrying around (old marriage baggage) had to go and I had to learn how to turn it around. Hard! 3 years of talk therapy helped, but I did a lot of it through intuition. In the process, I cleared everything out of my head that was confusing me. Sort of a spiritual cleansing process I guess. I’m not a believer in self help books or “processes” promoted to be the only way to live. When you boil it down, it all turns out to simply be the power of positivity – and Norman Vincent Peale made a buttload of money off of that concept in the 60’s. Positive thoughts and deeds. That’s all I let back into my brain after it was all over. That and laughter. Life’s too short to be unhappy.

  10. poseidonsmuse

    I couldn’t agree with you more OB! I totally believe in the power of positive thought and energy. When you are feeling like you are wallowing in the pit of despair, doubt and doom, it takes a little work to “get outside” (that one is for you Roobs!) yourself and literally move your soul to a better place (ie. fun activities, humour, “play”, good supportive friends) — but when you do, you find that you can’t go back to the former. It really is a simple philosophy, isn’t it? Good for you for breaking those “chains.” You are a strong individual too, and one can sense that in your humble, powerful words. Thank you for sharing that with us!

    Peace and Love Sister!!!!

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