How about a little “activism” today?! 

A visit to Grace’s website today had me thinking about the human condition – that socially imposed prison that often segregates and pushes people aside for the sake of progress and development (because compassion and empathy require ingenuity and money – and [sarcastic tone] who has time or funds for that?).  The “victims” are often regular folk like you and I.  They may have fallen upon hard times (lost their jobs, missed a few mortgage payments), made poor decisions (gambling, alcohol or drug addictions) or found themselves living on the streets for a variety of other reasons.  These people are children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers….people that have loved and been loved.  An open heart and mind are all that is needed to see these people for what they really are – Divine beings like you and I.

More importantly, I think society has become rather retro-active in dealing with homelessness and societal problems.  As individuals, some of us shrug our shoulders as we walk along, permeated with the fear and confusion that was instilled in us as children, while dark, glazed eyes stare up at us from the sidewalk.  If we do stop to share and help by giving money to some individuals – we question the helpfulness of such acts.  As a society, we continue to elect governments that place global wars and economy over the stability and health of our own nations (ie.  Third world conditions in developed nations).  Many of us do care about the situation of homelessness, and many of us understand that the poor souls on the streets are “end-products” of a system that is need of support (shelters, crisis centres, rehabilitation centres, affordable housing). 

If we want to be proactive members within our community, we can certainly “act” to make our own cities better places in which to live.  Simple things.  Things that might help to support and empower community.  We can make a difference:

1.  Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity – Even if you have only a day or two a month to spare – this can make all the difference for some job-sites.  You do not need to be an expert painter, plumber or carpenter to help – the jobsite manager will supervise the tasks (so that they are performed according to “code”) and give you jobs that you are comfortable with.  Often, you can meet the people that you are helping to build the house for.  You can feel good knowing that you will be giving this family a safe, comfortable home.  Low cost housing is an oxymoron in itself (but some of the land and materials required for the projects are actually donated!) – and in my part of the world, there are more executive homes and fancy condominiums going into neighbourhoods than anything else. 

2.  Donate Time, Money, Food to Your Local Shelter – Simple and self explanatory.  Many grocery stores also make it easy to do this with pre-packaged “care packages” that can be purchased and placed in donation bins.  Non-perishable items of course.

3.  Spend Time Educating Children – Children need the support of adults in a community if they are to become useful members of society.  Don’t underestimate the power of shining some light in a child’s life. 

4.  Shop Locally – Keep your local economy growing (this employs local people and producers).  Buy foods from farmer’s markets when you can – keep the local farmers in business because they care about the community.   Many farms are going organic now too (costs of  producing organic food are coming down and the benefits of organic produce are obvious).

Little things.  These acts won’t necessarily help the people that already find themselves without a home, but building stronger communities WILL help.  People will be more apt to care and stand up for their families, children, friends and neighbours when they are in need.  We are not powerless and we have the positive energy to make a difference.  Let’s recognise the Divine in ourselves and each other!


14 responses to “Namaste…

  1. Hear hear! Excellent post!

    I like your ideas of things we can do to help, as well. I’ll see what I can do to help. I also like “food not bombs” which is a grassroots type of informal thing, bringing food to people who need it, if people have the time to hook up with a local group. If there is one. Or organize one. 😉

    The issue of kids and homelessness reminds me of something a friend has talked about, with regards to kids “aging out” of foster care and being kicked out of their homes as soon as they turn 18. This is often before they have graduated from high school. There is all sorts of information showing that $15k per child to help bridge this time would save hundreds of thousands of dollars (they often end up unemployed, homeless, and/or in prison due to the limited options available to someone with no support, no degree, no home) as well as prevent many social problems. I found some info on it:

    Thanks so much for posting about this!

  2. It seems we are on a similar path so just wanted to say keep up the good work!



  3. poseidonsmuse

    Deb – Thanks so much for your insight. Actually, when I think about it, I had a friend that was in that situation when we attended high-school together. What a stupid social system, yes? With the rising costs of tuition (in the US and Canada), how on earth can a student afford college and the costs of living if they are to pursue an education? Not only that – it is a real kick in the pants for some of these kids to be “booted out of the system” if they were lucky enough to find a stable and loving foster family.

    And you are right – grassroots groups are effective “Food not Bombs” sounds more than reasonable to me – I know a grenade might look like an over-ripe pineapple – but c’mon now…[ahem…Mr. Bush, Mr. Harper…tap tap…”Pay attention you war-mongering fools”].

    Urban Pixie – Wow! Glad to have you. I have a real affinity for fantasy creatures – Especially pixies (and fairies). Yay! Welcome and feel free to spread some pixie-dust around this site (it could use some extra sparkle!) [wink].

  4. PM, yes, exactly, it is a very stupid “social” system! And what it must make the kids feel like who are kicked out of their home as soon as they turn 18, regardless of whether they are graduated from high school or employed…what a way to make them feel like just a number, a check in the mail for the foster parents. It makes me really sad to think about.

  5. Great post Muse. And follows on with our themes lately. It’s so easy to get bogged down in all the internal stuff and forget about the rest of the world. I signed up as a volunteer for Amnesty International working for women’s rights just yesterday – we’re in sync again!

  6. I’m terribly guilty of feeding the corporate machine, but I’ve been shopping more locally just because it’s the right thing to do. Our company does some charity building (St. Jude’s hospital dream home projects) and I just got us involved in another community project to do free or low-cost work for local people who need a hand with home projects. We try to do the right thing, yet live in a country whose leadership consistently does the wrong thing. It’s frustrating.

  7. poseidonsmuse

    Deb – I know. Thanks for your comments. It is sad, isn’t it? People should never be reduced to being “just a number” no matter how old they are…

    Simonne – Weird. I just signed up as a UN volunteer. This is getting downright creepy!!! Good for you. Kinda makes you feel like going global can also make quite the difference too. Again – you know where you are needed and you are generous with your time and energy. Good work.

    OB – We all feed the corporate machine to some degree…kinda like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – minus the chocolate (hmmm…instead of chocolate, I’m sure it’s cow dung instead…anyways….). You sound like you are doing your bit (what you can, when you can) and that is all that matters. Plus, you/we don’t call you “Observant” for nothing. Being able to “see” and “perceive” is a gift, but so is the ability to “act” – and you seem to be doing that too – Good work Sister!!!

  8. Oh, THANK YOU such a powerful and timely message. I’m reminded that while I can’t do everything, I can do something. And if we are all doing ‘something’, much suffering could be eliminated. Be blessed in your life for triggering such a wave of welldoing 🙂

  9. Thanks so much Grace and PM – this is something I’ve been meaning to write about when and if I ever get time.

    I was just reading something similar but not quite the same and this just adds more fodder to my fire.

    ~ Peace, love and understanding to all and thank you to the folks who have left links here ~

  10. poseidonsmuse

    Grace – Thanks hun! Positive acts start with positive thoughts…We can all do a little “something” to make our communities a better place in which to live…it starts locally, then regionally, then globally. We can affect change!!!

    Ruby – Thanks Love! I was really inspired by Grace’s thoughts (having observed the degree of homelessness in such cities as Vegas)…Let’s add some more fodder to those Goddess flames! Thanks for stopping by gorgeous!

  11. I have to agree with everything you have stated so well, and with the all of the comments left.
    If each person could commit to doing one even small thing each day, towards helping the world become a better place, what a glorious world it would quickly become.
    You are a leader in getting things done, keep up the good work. I hope you don’t mind I have added you to my blog role.
    Now you have 3 men that have left comments on your site. lol

  12. poseidonsmuse

    Bill – You are always welcome here…(more XY and testosterone is a GOOD thing, Lol!). Thank you so much for your comments (I mean that). You are part of this wave of change too – because you observe, you care, and you write.

    Thanks (again) for your presence in all of our lives…male and female…All of our souls are connected…

    ps. Blogroll away – and I will blogroll you back! Cheers!

  13. poseidonsmuse

    Urban Pixie – Thanks for stopping by – It’s great to have you in this space…Blessings and Love to you too! I have blogrolled you – hope you don’t mind…!

  14. Of course not & I have done the same!

    Love & light,

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