Why Everyone Should “Love” A Greyhound!

Ok.  Watch the time-clock people!  This is not a joke.  Greyhounds aren’t called “50 mph Couch Potatoes” for nothin’ you know!  Enjoy!

ps.  I LOVE the music too!  Isn’t it great!

Love y’all  (Let’s consider this a “What the? Wednesday – #9”)



6 responses to “Why Everyone Should “Love” A Greyhound!

  1. This was a great video! And song!

    I used to do some dog walking, and one of the dogs I walked regularly was a rescued greyhound. Sometimes I’d have to wake him up just like a little kid to take him for a walk, and he’d act so sleepy and put out that he had to actually get up and do something! 😀

  2. Oh how cute! My Mum is gonna freak over this one! (She has a VERY spoilt greyhound!)

  3. Wow, that’s one sleeping dog. Coco heard the music and came down from his snooze pillow to investigate. Then he went back up to lie down. That effort just plumb wore him out. I think he’s part greyhound.

  4. poseidonsmuse

    Deb – Lol! That is typical for a greyhound, yes? I love the fact that they really are “hounds” – carefree and very laid back.

    Simonne – Why am I not surprised that YOUR mom has a greyhound too? There is something about greyhounds and there is definitely “something” about greyhound owners, wouldn’t you say? – quirky, independent and a little aloof (describes *me* to a “T”)!

    OB – Quirky music huh? Lol! Coco must be part greyhound! Glad he enjoyed the music too! Too funny!

  5. LOLLLLL Some ‘dogs life’! 🙂

  6. poseidonsmuse

    Grace – No kidding! Greyhounds ARE really like that! Having a greyhound brings alot of attention to the “people” (owners) that love them. I would say “owners”, but these dogs really can’t be “owned” – they are alot like cats that way (they are quite aloof and choose to love whomever they feel the most connected with — hmmm…sounds alot like me!). Anyways, they can literally spend all day sleeping! Just like that….Oh. And the dog — she has more “beds” than I do (for the record!). Thanks for stopping by!

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