A Burning Transmutation II


 I imagine us sitting there at the Meeting of the Alchemical Goddesses.  Perhaps, we are merely projections of ourselves, but we are nestled beneath a Mid-Western sky, under the safety of that yawning porch.  The dark, thunderous clouds are accumulating overhead; their dark shapes seen contorting slowly with each flash of static lightening.  The sporadic electrical charges add to the theatrical transmutation of our energy that first ripples into words, then thoughts, then giggles and raucous laughter.  Sometimes, our words drone into serious whispers.  Sometimes there is just knowing silence.  

[Gilded alchemical symbols fall from the sky, like raindrops, they pitter, patter and stutter their ancient alphabet upon the seared, dry earth…]

Nearby trees dance against the rising storm.  Their glossy leaves frantically waving in attempts to orchestrate a rising torrential wind.  Our candles flicker and waver, but they do not falter.  Cued by the rising ether, we gather around that soft, leatherbound journal; it’s blank pages glowing beneath an aura of flickering candlelight.  Sensing the vortex, the earth-bound symbols awaken from their slumber amidst the iconic drifts they have created.  They shudder and tremble before they shift and float towards us, leaving trails of camphoric, golden ether lingering in the evening air.  As if enchanted by our thoughts, the symbols seemingly float, then settle, upon those welcoming amber pages.  One by one, the gilded verses are scripted and the pages of the leather tome are filled with Goddess wisdom.

[The Prologue to this Alchemical Grimoire would read…”Herein lies our Alchemical destiny…”]



12 responses to “A Burning Transmutation II

  1. What a beautiful place you took me to.
    You are a wonderful writer.
    Thank you

  2. I want to be there. Right THERE!! I am there, with all the Goddesses I’ve had the honor of meeting here in Blogland.

    Alchemy….it explains so much of my journey….and our collective journey. Thank you for posting this, this morning. It was wonderful and exactly what I needed. xoxox

  3. poseidonsmuse

    V – Thanks for stopping by! I was inspired by OB’s post describing her parent’s front porch (“Wow…I said to myself…that would be the perfect setting for an Alchemical meeting of the Goddesses…,” when I read it). I have a thing for storms too – perhaps it’s the Atlantean in me!

    Grace – Wow! Thanks a bunch. No problem! I love reflecting that inspiration back to everyone too! It can’t be helped when one (me) is also taken and energized by the wisdom within our sharing circle! I’m glad that you’re on this journey with us…!

    Namaste Ladies…

  4. I love storms too! That doesn’t surprise me. How did we all manage to meet in the randomness of the blogosphere? We are so similar in so many ways!

    And I agree with Grace about the alchemy. That’s about the best explanation for this process of therapy I’m in the middle of. And it is so much more powerful when surrounded by friends, alchemical goddesses. 🙂

  5. poseidonsmuse

    Deb – We are connected, yes? I believe this with every vibrating atom of my being. I have visions of this connection…a stone road, an ocean, ancient crystals…Maybe we are Atlantean…or…maybe we are simply kindred spirits. Let’s revel in this connection. Our sharing circle is growing. Love to you…

  6. Oh, so beuatifully written. Thanks PM, made me happy reading it 🙂

  7. poseidonsmuse

    Simonne – Thanks for stopping by…Just another image/chapter for our Goddess Circle (happy to do my bit and contribute to the inspiration…). Have a wonderful evening!!! Hugs to you…

  8. I’m back from my busy and out of touch Friday, pad down to my computer on Saturday morning and begin to read. I always read Muse first, as she is my touchstone blogger and I have to know what kind of pearls she will bless us with today. I begin to read A Burning Transmutation II. A smile formson my face during paragraph one, and when the alchemal symbols fall from the sky I begin to giggle with delight. By the end of the piece I feel content and surrounded by the mystical energy of the goddesses. Thank you, Muse. That was beautiful.

  9. poseidonsmuse

    Thank you OB! “Touchstone”, “pearls” — I love your words OB — they are always so fresh (minty fresh). The scenario was inspired by your loving description of your family home. I could imagine the walls of that house oozing with memories and energy….I imagined that it would be the perfect place for an alchemical meeting. Thank you for being part of that circle — your energy is bright and airy…Hugs to you.

  10. Beautiful, inspiring! (But does it have to be the mid-west???)

    Peace, love and understanding!~

  11. poseidonsmuse

    Ruby – LOL! Thanks! You are one funny lady…Actually, no. It really could be anywhere…Stonehenge? Anyone?

  12. poseidonsmuse

    Actually – I had a great vibe from OB’s description of her family home – that’s really the inspiration for the “where” of the post…

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