INTPs Unite!!


You might recall some of our results from the What the? Wednesday – #7 post from 4 July 2007.  Being the nerd that I am, I found myself searching for other bizarre creatures like myself on the Internet – besides OB and I, it seems like there is a gaggle of INTP derelicts and information on INTPs here).  Alright.  It gets even funnier – the following is a list of “Activities Performed by an INTP at a Bar” [courtesy of….ok…ahem….”stolen” from the aforementioned site….but I’m giving them credit, and traffic, so cut me some slack here people….!].  [Grin].  Although, I a bit of an extrovert too, there are times when the “I” (Introvert) in my INTP gets the best of me….hence:

“Natural History of the Bar-Stool-Hugging, Spock-y INTP Personality Type”

(aka.  “Why Spock is Still Single – and Loving It”)

1.  Reinforcing the wall or other supporting structure by heavy leaning [Bars can be flimsy structures….].

2.  Vulcan/Spock impersonation [I can honestly say that I HAVE done this in a bar!].

3.  Buckingham Palace guard practice.

4.  Counting lights, floor tiles, beer bottles, pool balls (on or off the pool table) [Obsessive counting RULES!]

5.  Guarding the snack machine.

6.  Finding the “stagnation points” in the traffic flow streamlines [patterns in traffic are KEY to the popularity of a place].

7.  Mental tensor calculus [a bit too nerdy for me].

8.  Inspecting the washroom [the bathroom at my local pub has the coolest doors…].

9.  Intently reading signs, posters, labels, no matter how trivial the material.

10.  Creating geometrical sculptures out of bar straws [I haven’t made a “bridge” yet, but you can sure make some weird animals out of straws!].

Oh…and here’s some fun Acronyms for INTPs too….Gotta love these…

Insane Nerds Throwing Parties [“Woohoo!”, let’s break out the telescopes!]
Interesting Novel Thoughts Proliferate
I Need To Pee!
Incommunicado Needs Toastmasters Pronto! [TM’s…Ah!  A great way to spend a Thursday evening…]
I Need Ten Palm Pilots [I have three, but who’s counting…]
Incessantly Needing To Ponder [Ponder, day-dream, call it what you will…]
I’m Not The Problem! [Enough said…]

INTPs unite….”Bwwwaaaaaha ha ha ha ha….”  Just kidding, I don’t think I could maintain my attention span long enough to devise a plan for World Dominance.  “Now, where is my darned pocket protector?” [snort].

-PM (Oh, and only an INTP geeks such as myself would have a “Tag” for “Nerds Rule”….)

10 responses to “INTPs Unite!!

  1. You’re a crack up! I do half of these!!

  2. poseidonsmuse

    Isn’t that funny? I knew it! You must be part INTP Simonne. LL & P my Goddess friend….! [hugs].

  3. Thanks for the laugh! I don’t think I have a intp trait in my body. Thinking things through? Organized? Foreign concepts! I’m glad I have INTP’s in my life. I may lean on you guys to help me figure out things like how to balance a check book!

  4. poseidonsmuse

    V – You Rock! I’d balance your cheque-book – in exchange for some of your witty humour and keen perception anyday V. Thanks for dropping by…! Hugs (there’s another hug today…up to about 8 now!!!!).

  5. OK, I do #4 (and yes, obsessive counting rules!), #9 (I do that one a LOT, usually looking for spelling errors), and #10 always.

    Insane Nerds throwing Parties – we had a telescope at our birthday party – remember V? Embrace your inner nerd!

    Muse – You’re the designated hugger today (and thanks for mine. I got two!)

  6. OB – Yes. 4, 9 and 10 are definitely “givens” at a pub. Quirky, but fun. Gotta love that. Aw heck…here’s another hug for you (((((Hug))))). Have a wonderful day…

  7. I discovered personality typing nearly a decade ago and at the time thought it was nonsense–hardly surprising considering my results were INTJ. I tried the test again a few years later and turned out INTP. This time, I was very astounded by what I read. Since then I have met plenty of INTPs. My ex-fiance happens to be INTP. As extreme INTPs we had a connection that was unrivaled by anyone we had ever met.

    Seven years ago I tested I (98%) N (99%) T(100) and P (98%). Since then I have worked on developing my F function. Right now, I test at around I (83%) N (87) T(91) and P (79) so it appears I have mellowed out.

    I only joined wordpress a little over a month ago. The first thing I did was search for any other INTPs but came up with 0 results. I am glad I searched again today and found you. It appeared as though I was the only INTP blogging!

    Do you see yourself continuing with this blog for a while to come?

  8. Cynosureumbra – Hi there! From one enigma to another – Welcome to my Blog. It’s funny how INTP’s seem to just gravitate towards one another. Anyways, funny that you mentioned that you tested as an INTJ previous to testing as an INTP. The very same thing happened to me. Literally, within months of testing, the “J” shifted towards the “P” (my own, personal, Cosmic Shift I guess…).

    I would agree that a certain comraderie exists between our personality types – I recently discovered that a girlfriend of mine is also an INTP (and we get along famously) – so I understand the connection that you describe to others of the same personality type.

    Having said that, I am glad that you found me. I do see myself continuing this blog for a while, as long as the Blog Police don’t arrest me for spewing inane and pathetic ramblings [I tend towards the sardonic and sarcastic at times…and can always get a chuckle from myself because I never take myself too seriously!].

    With that said…Welcome! I’d like it if you would drop by and contribute your thoughts.

  9. Poseidonsmuse – I was in High School when I tested INTJ. With an ISTJ for a father, an ESFJ for a mother and an ENFJ for a sister . . . I think I was answering the questions based on what society thinks one ought to be. The INTJ personality does not fit me which is why I instantly dismissed the theory. But INTP fits so well it is truly uncanny.

    I think you are lucky to have a friend that is INTP. I grew up in Catholic schools (I am agnostic) where my individual differences seemed more pronounced. I didn’t encounter my first INTP until after High School and it was online. All others I have met have also been online including my ex-fiance which is where we first met. At first I was in awe of the similarities. Because of our obsession with logic, I was expecting INTPs as a whole to be more rational only to be wholly unimpressed at the reality.

    It is so hit and miss. We can be so passionate about our beliefs and our sense of logic that we either hit it off with other INTPs or the complete opposite. In general however, the INTPs that impressed me were older having more time to develop their Feeling function and in so seeming less of a caricature.

    In some ways, your Feeling function appears to be more developed than mine and I think you are far more feminine than I have ever been or will be. I find it rather amusing really. Most of my life I have been thought of as a male mind inside a female body.

    I’ll stop by your blog when I can. It is nice to see someone else matching my post lengths. I tend to have problems finishing things. It is why I asked if you planned to keep with your blog. This is my first blog. In the past, I would have preferred to swim in a pit full of snakes than reveal personal things to random people.

    I think your blog sounds more cheerful than mine. I too can be sarcastic. Mainly, I have a dry, morbid, and even perverse sense of humour. Hopefully, I won’t scare away your fans. I have a rather apathetic/unapologetic attitude. Ordinarily, I do not care to associate with most people, but with those I do, I have plenty to say. Expect marathon responses from me from time to time.

    Hi there. Thanks for your comments. I agree with your comments regarding INTPs. Stop by and post when you can, if you feel as though you “click.” I can’t promise that I am exciting INTP (and to be honest, it sounds like you have spent more time analysing our personality type than I have). I will say however, that my feeling side is developed and I tolerate an open-minded and empathetic approach to comments at my site. My current blog friends (you know who you are!) are important to me (because we support one another)…and I intend on keeping them around as long as they will tolerate me. Marathon posts are ok…and a little mental chess is certainly acceptable in good spirit. Cheers.

  10. Hey awesome blog! There is actually this INTP forum that connects Myer Briggs Type Indicate ( MBTI ) users with other users called Personality Cafe. Just go on google and search for the keywords Personality Cafe. I would love to chat with some of you and get to know about your personality a little bit more!

    Just wanna help you guys discover yourself a little more. 🙂

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