More Love…

I flipped my Dixie Chicks “Home” cd this morning (bless my neighbours for not calling the police, thinking that someone was getting tortured in my home….my singing is not exactly “melodic!!!”).  Anyways, this song seems to suit today’s “Blogland Mood”….the first few lines sum it up the best (I think)…

“More Love”

“I’m so close to you baby
But I’m so far away
There’s a silence between us
And there’s so much to say
You’re my strength, you’re my weakness
You’re my faith, you’re my doubt
We gotta meet in the middle
To work this thing out

More love, I can hear our hearts cryin’
More love, I know that’s all we need
More love, to flow in between us
To take us and hold us and lift us above
If there’s ever an answer
It’s more love…”



7 responses to “More Love…

  1. More Love is always the answer. Thank you for reminding me. I used to love this CD , but had forgotten about it. I’ll have to bring put it back into rotation when I get home this afternoon.

  2. Glad I could remind you of that cd V (it is a good one).

  3. John Lennon & I agree. Love on, baby!

  4. poseidonsmuse

    Urbanpixie – I love that Blogging name – waayyyy cool. Anyways, John Lennon is amazing….[Thanks for stopping by TMT today!]…

    “Love is real, real is love,
    Love is feeling, feeling love,
    Love is wanting to be loved.
    Love is touch, touch is love,
    Love is reaching, reaching love,
    Love is asking to be loved.
    Love is you,
    You and me,
    Love is knowing,
    We can be.
    Love is free, free is love,
    Love is living, living love,
    Love is needing to be loved.”

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  6. Love this post Muse. It took me a long time to realise that more love (esp for the self and the self we USED to be) is truly the answer to every problem and provides the way forward on every path. I say to myself daily – “I see with eyes of love and compassion.”
    Love you.

  7. Simonne – I completely agree with you on that comment. Thank you for that. I agree that it is so important to love yourself (“current” self AND “old” self) because we do need to evolve, move forward and connect to who we are (see ourselves and others with love, compassion and acceptance)…

    “I see with eyes of love and compassion.” This is such a beautiful mantra…

    (((((((Hugs))))))). Love you too gorgeous.

    Have a wonderful evening…

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