Gordon’s Softer Side…(HK III Spoiler Ahead)

As much as I love the fiery, alchemical, persona that is Gordon Ramsay, I also appreciate his softer side too.  He has truly shown us that he is compassionate, as well as passionate over the last few weeks (“Hell’s Kitchen III”).  Let’s take at look at these few examples shall we…?

Last Week – With four contestants left, Gordon had to choose between Rock Harper (the 30 year old Executive Chef from Spotsylvania, PA) and Julia Williams (the 28 year old Short Order Cook from Atlanta, GA).  Julia’s relative lack of experience, not drive and ambition, made her more of a target for Chef’s chopping block.  After announcing his decision to the group, he apologised to Julia for having to let her go, and offered her the opportunity to attend Culinary School (on his dime!).  What a gent.  “Can I get some Gordon love too…..!” [Just a hug, an itty-bitty hug….Ah!  That’s better….Mmmm….What cologne are you wearing….?  Oops, sorry folks…..got carried away there!].  Anyways Julia, “You deserve it!”  don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t pursue your dreams.  Julia is planning to open her own restaurant some day (currently re-working a menu at Ocean 66 in College Park, GA).  Our advice to Julia – “Get your ass to class girlfriend….take this opportunity and run with it!”  Kitchen Goddesses Rule!

This Week – Gordon’s challenge last night was to have the three remaining chef’s (Jen, Bonnie and Rock) re-create an All American Dish.  What a great challenge!  Jen selected “Fried Chicken”, Bonnie got “Frank and Beans” [tee hee hee….sorry.] to work with, and Rock had to recreate “Spaghetti and Meat Balls.”  Then, Chef [Gordon, you sly devil you], surprises the contestants by introducing his most influential mentor (and in his words – “The best chef in the world…”) – his mum, Helen Ramsay, to the group.  As his mom walks into the room, he beams proudly….[sigh!].  Helen, herself is quite the lady in her own right (I hate celebrity-mum gossip, but for info you can click here.  I know.  “The Sun” anything can provide such dodgey news….but the story is well-told and heartfelt).  After preparing their dishes, the three aspiring chefs are treated to another surprise – three “new judges” [and no, not triplicates of the famed Antono Ego from the movie Ratatouille…].  Care to take a guess at who the judges are?  Of course, more mums!  [Gordon, you shouldn’t have!….No really!  You shouldn’t have….obviously, I’m not a contestant, but my mum has a terrible palate….she admits this herself…].  Anyways, Jen wins the challenge and gets to spend the day with her mum and chef (oh, and Helen too). 

Stay tuned for more news from the “Hell’s Kitchen III” front…(I’ve exhausted all of my culinary puns darnit….!)


ps.  And, if you haven’t met Remy yet…you need to run out and see this movie.  Honest!  You’ll love it!

7 responses to “Gordon’s Softer Side…(HK III Spoiler Ahead)

  1. Oh dear, I don’t think I can leave this post without a comment. OK, so I don’t watch Hell’s Kitchen, but I’d probably like it if I did. I’m waiting for Project Runway to start a new season (Make it work, people!). Love that Tim Gunn – so handsome, so gay! I had Julian’s girlfriend over for a sewing lesson last year and we turned on a PR marathon while she made her first pillow. She was so proud of herself – poor girls these days don’t know a thing about sewing.

  2. OB – Hi OB! I really only watch Hell’s Kitchen to drool over Gordon Ramsay (did I say “drrooollll….!). As far as Project Runway is concerned – I saw a couple episodes and liked it. A PR marathon and pillow making session sounds like it could be fun. I myself, struggle with threading that damned sewing maching (doesn’t help that it is ancient) – but once it is threaded (watch out). Oh, my next project will be rather girlie too – small (3 X 6 ) “eye” pillows that you can fill with flax and crushed lavender (I love mine – fall asleep with it all the time….).

  3. Yummy! I make a lot of pillows. Ken briefly worked at a small but upscale furniture store and he brought me a huge supply of upholstery samples which I’ve used to make patchworks blankets and various pillows. My lavender isn’t flowering, darn it. Can you use the dried leaves the same way?

  4. OB – Hmmm…I think you can use the leaves too (flowers are best of course) – because I use the leaves in some of my meat “rubs” (I know…that sounded bad, but lavender imparts such a nice flavour…!). Upholstery samples too? There would be alot of potential in some of the funky fabrics used for upholstering. Way to go!

  5. Oh, I just saw a picture of Gordon Ramsay in Entertainment Weekly (OK, I subscribe. At least it’s not People) – and let me just say I think we have the same taste in men.

  6. And oh my goodness, I described him to my friend in Texas as having incredible Scottish good looks, without knowing he is ACTUALLY SCOTTISH.

  7. OB – Oh, OB!!!! I know….that is tooooooo funny…”Scottish good looks…!” He is delectable, isn’t he? Not only is he attractive (gorgeous eyes and smile), he has PASSION! Long live passionate, handsome, Scottish chefs! [slurp!]

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