Mons Phallus…

Ok.  That’s a stupid title PM….”Mons Phallus”….  But, given the nature of Simonne’s post on the Mons Veneris (or MoV as our Aussie Goddess calls it – love that term by the way…!), I thought I would pay homage to the fleshy male “bit” that we love so much, given that, it too, has inspired society for millenia (temples, sculpture, art, poetry, music, “toys”, automobile shapes, rockets….you get the idea…).

Oh, and this lady makes her her life’s work/hobby to “cast” these famous characters for Time Immemorial…

[WARNING!  ACHTUNG!..Random “splotches” emitted from “long” objects….may be found HERE….]



10 responses to “Mons Phallus…

  1. I’d say, “Don’t shoot shoot shoot that thing at me” but I’d hardly mean it. Thanks for making me smile so early in the day!

  2. Hi Pixie – Nice of you to flutter by so early in the morning. Yeah…a little dose of pervie-ness never hurts. I got thinking last night…I should have called the post “Erector Phallus” – that would have made more sense (how could you tell that I was bored and easily amused by “Anything….”). Hugs.

  3. That’s totally hilarious! And intriguingly mesmerizing!! He he he!

  4. For some reason this got me thinking about how different cultures have different symbolisms for what is phallic and/or sexual. For instance, watch a german movie, and notice the scenes of trains going through tunnels? You didn’t think it was as simple as a train going through a tunnel, did you? 😉

    And then since we don’t have much in the way of trains or tunnels in this country, we have to rely on other things. Our monuments are often big, tall, and standing proud!

    There was a minor greek deity, if I remember correctly from my more-than-a-decade-ago Greek Mythology class that had large phalluses (phalli?) as … I don’t know, things of hommage? I can’t remember the proper terms anymore! So there would be a phallus in your yard, or on the corner, for both worship and protection. Most likely I have things all jumbled in my mind. The things I learned in college! 😀

  5. Simonne – It is mesmerizing, yes? I got thinking about how messy that situation could get with all those phalli ejecting themselves all over the screen…I mean, Cynthia (Ms. Plaster Caster) should put some Trojans on those things or something…hmm…Then that would beg the question – Sensitive or Ribbed? [Lol! – Glad you enjoyed the diversion today…].

    Deb – Trains going through tunnels…Hmmm…I like that analogy…I’m sure you’ve seen any of the Austin Powers movies too…there’s enough phallic symbology in those flicks to make even Venus blush (corny humour!). And, the idea of a phallic totem is quite interesting too (that would drive your neighbours crazy…however, my neighbour next door might start mounting it!). Anyways…thanks for the Ancient Greek info….Here’s to tall, phallic monuments…!

  6. My friend who recently went to Greece said there are all kinds of statues and paintings of naked men with erect penises (penii?) Of course, the phalluses are broken off of most of the statues (somebody needed a new dildo!), so they now look like sculptures of eunuchs. Love the MoP!

  7. I’ve been to your blog about 10 times today determined to post a reply. I just knew something witty would cum to me if I put forth the effort, but I – wait a minute – That’s it! I was just witty on accident.

    Cool, because my first 10 reply attempts were something along the lines of “ewwwwwww”

  8. OB – I’ve heard of glass Dildoes, but marble? That’s a very unique touch! MoP – love it!

    V – Ha! Great pun chickie! I know…the splotches are a little nasty….I also thought “Ewwwww…” when I first saw them…look more like mayonnaise dispensers than ejaculating penises (Ok…now I took that one WAaaaaaaaaaayyy too far…sorry…). I’m going to go to bed now….!

  9. As one of the penis carrying members of society, I am glad to see the goddesses do recognize there is at least some merit to the male gender. Although from the comments I do realize that we are seem only as sex objects. LOL

  10. Bill – You are too Cute! I just want to pinch your cheeks, you cutie pie you…Yes, the comments are a little lude (my apologies for that…). But, [and this is the truth] I am more fascinated by the brain that innervates said penis more than anything else [and I mean the larger head/brain…for all you pervie Goddesses trying to twist my word!!!! You know who you are!]. Anyways Bill, thanks for stopping by…I am sure that all of the Goddesses would agree with me….Men are incredible and there is obviously much merit to the male gender (that goes without saying!!!!!).

    It’s all about the balance of Shiva and Shakti! Harmony, acceptance and blending….

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