Kick ’em When They’re Down…

Alright.  This must be some kind of cruel joke.  First a new Prime Minister to tip a government onto it’s keister, then a rack of devastating floods, and now THIS?  Ugh.  I mean, why doesn’t someone just take Jolly ol’ England, kick him (her?) in the junk, stomp on his (her?) chest, steal his (her?) wallet and run off yelling “Tally ho!”  This is truly ridiculous! What next?  A swarm of bloody locusts? [PM shaking her head in disbelief…].


3 responses to “Kick ’em When They’re Down…

  1. We Americans are suffering with Foot and Mouth Disease too, only we call it Bush and Chenney.

  2. LOL! That is too funny. Yeah, I think both of them would like some gourmet sauce for those feet – might make them taste a bit better at least….

  3. Oh, and an update to this story – apparently, the FMD virus may have been released from a nearby research facility (that works on and tests vaccines for such diseases!!!!). Oh, and it gets even better. A pharmaceutical company (starts with an “M” – need to watch my butt here), is implicated as well….Ah! The juicy irony as the story unfolds…

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