A Seductive Honey Pot…

Enigma - A Posteriori review

 This is “A Posteriori”, released by Michael Cretu (Enigma) in April 2006.  If the gorgeous artwork on the cover of this cd doesn’t captivate you, then the music wafting from within will.  Why has it taken me this long to bask in the alchemical glow of this album?  I don’t know, but let’s suffice to say that this compilation of electronic lounge is perfect music for EVERYTHING (and I mean everything….).  Most times, when listening to this luscious mix, I can’t help but daydream that I am an ethereal creature flitting about in a dark, luxurious castle, preparing for my Cosmic launch into a Celestial Netherworld.  For my Goddess friends, “The Alchemist – Christian Geller Remix” has to be one of the most magical and sexy songs…intense, passionate and soul-propelling with it’s snappy, electrical beat and aquatic rifts.  

This is, quite simply put, gilded alchemy and musical ambrosia dripping from a seductive honeypot….

Drip on…



6 responses to “A Seductive Honey Pot…

  1. How’d you know I needed an alchemical glow? Thanks for sharing such a hot, hot tip!

  2. Enigma is great! I’ve always loved Sadeness from their MCMXD AD album. Do you like the band Delerium? They’re similar to Enigma – Sarah McLaughlin does a song on their Poem album that is outstanding.

  3. My Urban Pixie Girl – Doesn’t every Fairy Nymph need an alchemical glow? Glad I could help bronze your skin today…let me know what you think, ok?

    OB – Isn’t Enigma incredible! I don’t have the MCMXD AD album, but I should get it. I will check out Delirium too (you and I really should share a music collection…such similar tastes you and I). Say, speaking of “tastes” – did you check out Hell’s Kitchen last night? Gordon was in top form, I tell ya….”Come ‘ere you….” [drool…].

  4. No – missed it again! We were watching – get ready for it – High School Musical. Ken was in a community theater production of it this past weekend (he was the coach – natch, since he was a HS track coach for years and years), and he wanted to see the movie version of it. It’s got some pretty good lite & fluffy pop songs in it. Damn it, missed Gordon! Grrrrr.

  5. Damn OB…GR was so “charged last night” (he has the best smile ever and his eyes sparkle when he gets passionate….grrrrrrrrr….). But, you know, I would pay money to see Ken in a HS Musical production (good for you Ken, way to be a mentor man)…You grabbed a goodie there OB, you better hold onto him! Speaking of which….

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh wonderful! I don’t know anything about this music, but I’m totally into anything that has one of the Goddesses using “dripping” and “Honeypot” in the same descriptor! LOLOL 🙂

    I’m taking OB’s lead here and I’m going to use the edit key to answer comments this morning….Oh Grace! This is a wonderful cd, especially if you enjoy Enigma and electronic lounge. “Dripping” and “Honeypot” – how’s that for seductive terminology….!?

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