Um, What do You Say?!

Ok.  I can see how the following terms might link people to this blog:

-Canadian currency, money etc.

-Divine Proportion

-Smiley Faces

-Hippies (and the variations of this lovable group of characters – Hippie Love, Hippies Kissing….What?  Hippies kiss!…Hippie Fashion…)

-Free Love (an extension of the Hippie theme)


But, this one has me scratching my head….[drum roll please………budda budda budda budda BOOM!]

“Bloody Meat”



4 responses to “Um, What do You Say?!

  1. US man complains about his dinner: “Damn meat’s bloody again.”
    UK man complains about his dinner:” “This bloody meat’s bleedin’ ‘orrible.”
    Vegetarian complains about his dinner: “This rice is a bit undercooked, but I’m glad it’s not bloody meat.”

    You know OB, that was BRILLIANT!!!! So true! So many meanings to one word…and I think that is why I got the “hit” – I happen to use the word “bloody” as an exclamative (is exclamative even a word?!). Oh, bloody-hell…!!!! [;)] Thanks for the quick wit OB… are a clever one!

  2. I’m liking the new theme!

    I had a good laugh at a recent one of my search hits: “nice asshole”. I also get people finding me by searching “ant cinnamon myth”. Both of those I get, though, since they relate to posts I made. Did you figure out how they got to you through bloody meat? lol.

    Hi Deb! How are you doing today? Wow! Sounds like you’ve got some interesting search “hits” too….”Ant cinnamon myth…,” now that has me intrigued…Which post was that? Lol! I think I got “bloody meat” because I use the term “bloody” as a term of…well…exclamation! Think “Bloody Well Right” by Supertramp and you’ll get the idea! I love Supertramp…(gosh, I am so ADD today)!!!

  3. I guess no business is bad business but it does make you wonder what people are up to out there!

    I agree UrbPix…there’s some interesting creatures out there in Cyberspace…

  4. PM, it was this post:

    I actually used all of those words pretty much in that combination – cinnamon = ant repellent! See, now you’ll get these hits too. It isn’t just a myth! 😀

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