From the Mouth of Babes…

I just got off of the phone after having a chat with my 2.5 year old niece.  She is a crack-up at this age – already….(go figure…it runs in the family!). 

After saying “Hi!” to Auntie (that would be me….).  I asked her where her grandpa was….her answer:

“Dude go home!”

Maybe she could be a cute stand-in for ET (that lovable, wrinkly extraterrestrial) in ET Part II (Return of the Grandpa).



 That would read:  “ET and his damn freaky finger!!” (


4 responses to “From the Mouth of Babes…

  1. Too funny! I was hanging out with some friends and their two little ones back in April. We were walking around this park, and we passed a father dealing with a temper tantruming little kid. Sebastian, my friends’ 3 year old, said something like “uh oh, she’s having a fit!” I asked him if HE every did that, and he said, “yes, I have a lot of fits.”

    LOL. I just didn’t expect that honesty! They’re so funny, aren’t they?

    Lol! Kids are so priceless aren’t they…? Their honesty and sense of wonder reminds me of what it means to be vulnerable and human…

  2. I love the little ones! The can barely talk coherently/falls down alot/fascinated with everything/forget parlour games, I’m the entertainment toddler stage. I especially like them now that I do not currently own one, but other people’s wee children – love ’em!

    OB, that is too funny! I love kids too. The toddler stage is quite entertaining – considering that the little ones are really starting to develop their personalities. It is fun watching the kids react to people, animals, nature etc (their environment in general)…I think the playful, inquisitive aspect of Toddlerhood fascinates me most…As Auntie, I love spoiling my niece too…she is quite the little character these days…

  3. Oh funny! Muuuuuse, I’m SO clucky!!

    Sorry I’ve been so absent lately – went away for the weekend and then have been so busy with work. LOVE the new look 🙂

    Hi Simonne!!!! Thanks Aussie Goddess…I hope all is well with you (I’ve missed you a bunch!). ((((HuGs))))

  4. I often speak to some of my kids on the phone, and they’re just the same as they were before they grew up.
    They hate to be told that – which is one good reason to continue.

    Hi Anthony! You are right…even my mum reminds me of that from time to time. Speaking of which, I have been told that I have a “young voice” on the telephone (I have actually been asked by solicitors etc. when I answer the phone, if they can “speak with my mommy”…I am in my thirties!!!!). Too funny.

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