Ministry of Silly Walks…

Just thought I would start a drab Monday off with a little humour…. Can anyone recognise the “secretary?”

9 responses to “Ministry of Silly Walks…

  1. Fond memories of watching Monty Python back in the day of heavy marijuana usage! No idea who the secretary is though.

    Woohoo! Heavy marijuana usage…! Ok…I’ll give you a hint…she was in the Harry Potter movies, blonde…she’s (obviously) British and she is hilarious!

  2. I’m terribly stumped. Maggie Smith?

    I can’t torture you anymore!!! Lol! I think it’s Emma Thompson! Funny thing…you just see a glimpse of her face, but I’m pretty sure that’s who it is! I loved her in Stranger than Fiction (Did you see this movie? Quite a great flick!). Sorry OB, that was a hard one…I’ll double check to make sure that’s who it is, otherwise…it will drive me crazy! (((((HUGS)))))

  3. I think we need a Monty Python devotee to help settle the score here. Maybe Anthony (being a good humored Brit) has a comment? Anyone?

  4. OK, Wiki says it’s Carole Cleveland, although I’m not familiar with her. But Emma Thompson is one of my faves! Yes, I saw Stranger than Fiction and loved it. My absolute favorite movie of hers is Sense & Sensibility. She is so talented and funny.

    Well I’ll be a monkey’s auntie…I could have sworn that that was Emma. Good sleuthing OB, I am impressed! Sense and Sensibility was good, wasn’t it? She is a great actress!

  5. That was a great Monday video! Too bad we don’t spend all our war budget on something like that. I think it is the path to world peace!

    Deb! Thanks for bringing Tempest to the Tavern (Gosh…I LOVE that pic of your kitty!…Weeeeeee….! She is so cute!). I would have to agree with you there. Laughter is certainly wonderful medicine. ((((((HUGS and giggles…..)))))

  6. Hi PM,
    Well, Monty Python first thing in the morning. It’s like having champagne with my bacon and egg.
    Emma Thompson is a fantastic actress, but have you seen her sister, Sophie? I don’t know if you get Eastenders, but if you do, she played the wicked Stella until her recent demise on her wedding day.
    The thing I loved about Monty Pythons is that, yes, it was an exaggeration, but really it touched a lot of truths – about the eccentricities of Brit life. It’s often thought that the ‘team’ were a new type of Brit, but to see them now, much older, what you see are typical eccentrics that have always existed here.
    The newness was truth – not hiding it, but celebrating it.

    Anthony…I’m so glad I could provide that champagne this morning! Perhaps I could fashion a Mimosa for you with a nice champagne and some orange juice (in the UK, I believe you call this Buck’s Fizz!). I really do enjoy Emma Thompson, but I am, unfortunately, not familiar with Sophie (we might get the Eastenders on BBC Canada, but I won’t hold my breath). Being a Brit yourself, I really value your opinion of Monty Python humour and often wondered how someone from the UK would identify with it. I would have to say that being Canadian (ie. Commonwealth), we are exposed to much more British culture, humour etc. than our American friends (and feel as though British humour, especially satire, has influenced our own humouristic style greatly). The eccentricities of the British are rather reknowned, yes? I guess that’s what adds to the appeal of British humour the most. What is projected is certainly unique, identifiable and, as you say…a celebration of sorts. Thanks for your comments!

  7. And the other thing about this piece that never ceases to amaze me…The length of John Cleese’s legs…They are a mile long!!!!!

  8. Yeah, I have to admit that Brit humor doesn’t easily translate for those of us in the US. We’re more conditioned to in-your-face humor than the often drier, less obvious British type. Monty Python and AbFab translated beautifully for us because they’re more direct and over the top. Oh the other hand, I didn’t care for The Office (too dry for me again), but love the US version. And of course, Mr. Bean is funny in any language!

    You are completely right about the humour differences OB! Isn’t that funny?…ha ha ha…How punny…ok…I suck (!)…[hangs head in shame…but laughing…].

  9. Oh no, not you too! 🙂
    My husband can quote every line from every Monty Python skit…and now he’s got my boys doing it.
    I sat down to watch a Python DVD with them and was amused…not by the DVD, by my family laughing so hard that they had tears in there eyes!

    Yes…V…I have been bitten by the Monty Bug…that enigmatic creature that says “whoop whoop” and “bloody hell” alot. Actually, did anyone in MP ever say “whoop whoop?” I’ve officially lost it yet again. I would agree with you…sometimes it is even funnier to watch people watching MP (or any other comedy for that matter…the faces, the reactions, the knee jerks, the knee slapping….). I can’t quote every line…but I have fun watching the good ol’ boys an gals of MP! Thanks for dropping by V. Hey, are you in Sturgis yet? Stop bloggin’ girl – get on that motorcycle and RIDE!!!!! Leather, long hair…tats….Woo hoo….[I am so not cool…!].

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